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Apriori (GE)
Apriori (GE)
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Deep melodic metal...catchy harmonies and exquisite musicianship. based out of Kaiserslautern Germany and Oklahoma City.
Apriori is a dark, progressive and heavy band. Melodic at times, but very aggresive. The band is Eddie Davis; Guitar Vocals Teejay Mansfield: Drums Derek Jones: Bass Rock Carpenter: Guitars 2nd Vocals www.angelfire.com/band2/apriori
Band/artist history
Apriori was established in 2000 by Eddie Davis and Teejay Mansfeild after the fall of their previous band, "Circle Nine". The two were joined by bassist Derek Jones and began creating powerful, complicated songs and gaining a new loyal following. In the fall of 2001 the trio was shocked to learn that while recording a 5-song demo in Oklahoma City, the studio burned down in the middle of the night. One tape containing two incomplete songs were saved, however. In 2002 escalating musical differences bagan to split the band and Davis relocated to Germany, where he now resides. In 2003 After finding the saved tapes, Davis finished one of the tracks and the band was reborn adding old Circle Nine vocalist, Rock Carpenter. Since then,many more tracks have been composed and the band is seeking a label for touring and distrubution support.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
When possible. The members of this band live in different parts of the world, but sometimes we perform in Oklahoma City. I am also currently seeking musicians in Kaiserslautern, Germany to perform with.
Your musical influences
Tool, Rush, Meshuggah, In Flames, Katatonia. to name few...
What equipment do you use?
fender, crate, behringer
Anything else?
A new E.P. is available on the website in Early may. it contains 5 songs including 'King of Time'. E-mail kil785@yahoo.com for more information.
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