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R&B and pop, with a little hip hop, songs and lyrics that will touch your soul.
Welcome to my page. My name is Soul Star. All of these songs are writen by me and are for sale or collaboration, unless otherwise stated.These are all done and copywrited via 35x's music ASCAP for Rock and Soul Entertainment. Without music, I would have no purpose in this world, and I know if you are on this site you feel a bit of what I'm sayin'. A few motto's that are prevalent in my click: "there is no or what!", "i just know!". These motto's allow me to arise each day and look life in the eyes and say "there is no or what, i just know i will be running my own record label!"
Band/artist history
www.prophecyp.com - this site contains my hip hop album, bio, pics, news, and this is my producers site and without him i would still be wondering what to do with all my 16's.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live, it is what drives me as an artist. Anywhere, I'm in the process of trying to book shows so if anyone has any advice or shows holla at ya girl. I love live shows, watching and performing. It is when music is in its intended state, real from the heart and pure. My most special moment was performing for my senior night and I had a cordless mic and totally performed through the crowd, everyone loved it!
Your musical influences
There are so many but I will narrow it down to the nitty gritty: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, and Mariah Carey.
What equipment do you use?
Well for these recordings I used a yamaha grand piano, 3 gt67's for my vocals, and two akg's #? for the miking of the piano. Everything was then mixed on a Mackie.
Anything else?
Music gives you what you put into it, so, grind as hard as you can. Atop that, I am very spiritual and I truly believe that "God only blesses the blessable/you hatas can't test me I'm un-stressable." The road to hell is paved with good intentions-Lauryn Hills. To all of my Rock and Soul people: Rock Star you are truly my rock i love you man! Black you are my brother now so live with it! Sank and Space I will get you on this site man! Bright and Swoop, you started this wit yo' true crime asses!
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