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Tony Ray Klimek
Tony Ray Klimek
January 04, 2005
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& I very much thank you for stopping by to check things out or take a listen. I'm a songwriter presently living in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area who (like most other writers & collaborators) would very much like to find industry use & placement for my works. I am a proud member of ASCAP & although I've not currently had any of my songs picked up or used by an artist or label as of yet, I have been fortunate to my "almost" having had that dream realized when one of my songs was considered for use some time ago in the film Brokeback Mountain. I'm proud of that accomplishment, but I continue in my passionate efforts & dreams as a songwriter. Maybe with your help, or the help of someone you might know, my dreams of becoming a published songwriter can come true with a major arist or label possibly adopting one of my kids (that's what each of my songs are like to me, children). That's why, whether you realize it or not, your visits here & the influence you give to the music charts, & those in your life you share these songs & artists with ... it means the world to individuals like myself, so again I thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart that you've come to share a moment of your time & life with me here. You may very well be THE ANGEL or set of listening ears that could make the difference between my music being only heard here ... or on the radio ... or sung by you or your favorite artist ... or on TV, or (work with me, work with me) even on one of them great big fancy movie screens! Again, thanks for doing your part in sharing in this journey & dream with me by coming here. So what do we do now? Where do I go from here? I love to write songs & I absolutely love to sing ... but, um, I can't sing. Okay, well, I can sing but that in no way qualifies me as a singer/songwriter. That's about the same as me saying that because I wear underwear I can be an underwear model. Trust me, it is very unlikely you'd enjoy hearing me sing & you most definitely don't want to see me posing in my undies! Therefore I will leave those who have the vocal (or other) talents to doing what they do best. So, as I've found, this is a great community for finding vocal talent (male or female) who have that ability & desire to become discovered singers, generally letting them demo my songs for me in hopes that (when I market to or have songs pitched into the entertainment industry) I can possibly help someone else's dreams come true as well as a singer. That's what I ultimately hope for the most, that as an undiscovered I can help another undiscovered become a discovered & realize their dreams as well. This industry is so hard for an unsigned or unknown songwriter or singer to break into until you're signed or heard by someone, but how are you going to accomplish that if someone isn't willing to give you that big break or listen that you've been working so hard & praying for? What if Garth Brooks, Shania Twain or Toby Keith had never been given a listen or chance as songwriters or singers? I wouldn't want to live in a musical world without them, or the joy they've given me as a music lover, but everyone needs their first of firsts. So, if God blesses me & I finally get my big break or foot in the door of this cool & crazy industry, I'm dang sure going to try to take someone through the door with me if I can. I am very much a believer in "lifting others up" as you climb, so let's grab hands & make it through this journey together. Together we all have more influence, ability & power to accomplish the seemingly impossible than we may ever realize! , but not long after that time my life & health took an unexpected derailing that's knocked me offtrack for quite a while now; having found it quite hard to stay the course & fight for the dream as hard as I would have liked to have been able, but sometimes you have to pick & accept your fights or battles in the order you may not have wanted, planned or liked. I'm embarassed to admit that sitting here, in February of 2010, I've now been away (or inactive) from SoundClick since 2007; having lost my left leg in an accident & developed other health complications that've literally turned my world upside down. I've not given up on my songwriting dreams, but with my new disabilities & the depression & all that has been consuming me or what little fight I have left in me it's just been a matter of dealing with & getting things embraced or back ontrack as I could. For a little over the past year I've dedicated myself & been fighting my way through school to study in the field of prosthetics; wanting to be able to help others who've possibly been injured or found themselves in the situation that I recently have, knowing how much it means or would mean to have an artificial limb if you've lost the one God gave you on loan. However, despite being halfway through with a 4.0 & a couple of internships coming up just in view at the end of the tunnel, I had to drop from school last month because my health (or maybe the devil) has thrown another obstacle at me; having recently discovered my kidneys are no longer working properly & now another unknown dark road lies before me that I might not be able to find my way off of this time. So yea, I've done the crying thing & am scared this may kill me. So that's one of the main reasons I'm back on here & am again "Driven By A Dream" (a new song I'm working on) ... because I have to believe, especially now, that God didn't give me these songs I've written or still have inside of me just for nothing to happen to them or they not go anywhere out in the great big magical music world outside of SoundClick or the internet. The music, this love inside me, my songs ... it all has to have a purpose & meaning, right? Please tell me I'm just waiting for Him to send the right angel along to take my music & finally give my works the wings they've always needed, except this time on His terms with my full attention & realization that my faith & love for music (as well as others) will be my salvation. Do you see now, especially to me, how much of an angel you are sitting there listening & reading this & having found my music? Maybe you're the one sent here to save me, to help me, to guide me & my music in the direction of it one day being fully realized as I know & pray it was ultimately meant to be fully used & heard & shared & enjoyed; like those who have touched me with their music & talents & hearts & love. Your warmth & friendship are felt here; & I love, appreciate & thank you for what you bring to my world (especially now). Well, that points directly to my MySpace music page I've put up as a songwriter to compliment & go hand-in-hand with my presence on this community here at SoundClick; wanting yet an even further way to market, test & get stuff before a large public audience of music lovers & friends ... in addition to the online music charts you get to be a part of setting & shaping here. I just realized that (for now) it might be hard for someone to remember my name () or spell it (especially when I don't even get it right myself some days), so it is easier to get to my MySpace page by only having to remember typing into their web browser. I've set things up here on SoundClick just as similar; wherein, instead of again having to remember my artist/band account URL here () all you have to do is remember here on SoundClick too (instead of my name), so typing in will get you back here just as easily. That having all been said ..... As important as your visits & listens are to the online music charts here on this community, they are even more powerful & have an even greater impact on my MySpace page; which I'm fortunate has been getting a lot of industry attention & inquiry due to the large number of visits & plays my music has been getting there. In the 3 years that I've had the music page up testing songs, I've gotten (as of today, February 5th, 2010) almost 4 MILLION visits & over 3.5 MILLION music plays there! I have some music & other stuff posted there that I don't on here. PLEASE also add me as a friend there & here too?
Have you performed in front of an audience?
definitely knocked out an incredible take on the song with her vocal/piano acoustic (simpler) version of the song. I love both versions for equal & sometimes very different reasons. Um, does that make sense? I suppose they're definitely different genres, with Marcy's take & performance of the song being very enchanting like Sarah McLachlan's "Angel." Either or both versions of the song, I've been told, could likely have an equal success of use & placement within the music or entertainment industry. So cross your fingers & remember me in a prayer or two, that this might be one of those songs I hope to have found a good home for soon. :) or . who had the kind heart to help me realize my dream & desire to touch others as a songwriter (the way they've touched me with their music & talents). I would so do that in a heartbeat, if someone could just help make it happen. Reba, Carrie ... anyone out there want to help this ole Oklahoma boy make it possible for me to not only realize this dream but also help others by doing so on top of it all? , so how's about it girls? Wynonna & Shania, don't think I've forgotten you gals ... I love you too, and let's not forget Martina McBride or (oh yes) Debbie Nunn too. I love you all, but Reba & Carrie, well ... hey, I know, I need one of them HARPO HOOK-UP things. Oprah, you listening to me dreaming outloud here? Ellen, maybe you & Oprah can both work on this? See, I've totally lost it. I told you earlier that might happen. Where was I? Oh yea, that's what I would do to help make something like that come true.
What equipment do you use?
Most of my medication bottles say that I probably shouldn't be operating any heavy equipment, so I really don't use anything much heavier than a guitar; which I'm still hoping to learn how to use someday. I'm a bit of a computer & camera geek, so I love using my computer to make music videos. That's such a fun, creative process & I enjoy it whether I'm doing it for one of my songs or making a video for someone else to use (having had some videos used at weddings, funerals, graduations, family reunions, etc). I've made the videos that I feature here & on my music page at MySpace. You can view the video at the top of the page or click on the VIDEOS link to go browse through & watch all of the videos I have posted on this community. I'm most proud of the tribute video below that I made in honor of the late Heath Ledger, for his fans & those like me who loved him not only before but after Brokeback Mountain; continuing to love & miss him even now. Of course, since my song FOREVER, AND THEN didn't get to make it into Brokeback Mountain, I included the song within this tribute video out of respect & wanting to imagine what could've been. I hope you like the video & will let me know what you think of it. This great guy & actor meant a great deal to me & all of his fans that I was making this video for, so I'll warn you that I didn't take the task or production lightly & it the video is approximately 24 minutes long. It's possible to embed the video on your pages or send it to others as well if you'd like, simply by visiting . Here's that video:
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