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Boston Elite
AMADEUS THE STAMPEDE: Biography Label: Rapture Entertainment AMADEUS Silent Screams and Dry Tears The words in Silent Screams and Dry Tears were written before Amadeus got signed to a record label. In fact, some of his lyrics were never meant to be heard by anyone. Although he had been rapping since the age of 12, the words he scrawled in his notebook were a form of therapeutic expression. Amadeus began writing his poetry in a hospital while he was undergoing treatment for schizophrenia. Although his environment at the time vaguely resembled his previous setting, His poetry was a reflection of the experiences that tormented him. His artistic creation became the basis of what would later become his debut album. Amadeus signed to Rapture Entertainment in 2002 and diligently began creating songs out of his poetry. His long awaited album Silent Screams and Dry Tears is a soul searching and cathartic roller coaster ride driven by intricate beats mixed with melodic verses. His flow has a similar monotone quality to the great pioneers of rap music Rakim and Guru. Although Amadeus has learned from the artists of the past, his music is undeniably rebellious and groundbreaking in its innovation. Silent Screams and Dry Tears will tear down the previous standards of rap music and finally give people a fresh take on life and spirituality. Amadeus was raised in the South End and has lived a very extraordinary life. He has spent time in prison, associating with drug dealers; to conversing with Harvard students in Cambridge, drawing knowledge from both worlds . He speaks from a unique perspective, relating to everyone, proving that we are not as different as we think and things are not always what they seem to be. He is a loyal individual and a devoted student of life. Amadeus is a true artist who is considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers alive. Although he remains a very mysterious individual, he has received praise from significant counterparts such as The Jurassic 5. He is an explosive performer but refuses to battle other mcs. He is an mc who has too much self respect to cut another man down with superficial punch-lines. His music is sharp and carries with it great depth. So get ready to hear something you have never heard before. Take heed and proceed with caution because you will never be the same.
Band/artist history
I am Amadeus the Stampede. Emcee on indie label Rapture Entertainment. Emcee in hip hop group Greater Good. Emcee for my band Frequency 7. Emcee in rap duo Born Losers.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. All listings at www.myspace.com/amadeus
Your musical influences
Everything and everyone greater.
What equipment do you use?
MPC's, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, and music workstations such as triton pro, and yamaha.