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Los Angeles, CA  USA
April 19, 2010
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Since its inception in 1989, Beatology projects have sold over 45 million records, putting hard- hitting sounds into heavy rotation on radio. Beatology enters the new millennium with a new commitment to raise musical innovation to a level worthy of the new era. In addition to providing the first look at host of fresh new talent, Beatology is home to a diverse assemblage of already established platinum- selling producers, writers, musicians and engineers including Gordon “DJ Stealth” McGinnis, Ray “DJ Assasin 187” Scott, Lebaron “DJ Lynx” Lee, Sammy “Sammy Cash” Green, K.M.G. (Above the Law) and Martin “Marty” Johnson. In the time since Beatology's entry into the music business, producing hit music has become the substance that will make this super production team blazing new ground as the new centurions. Beatology producers have already turned out tracks that gave early exposure to several now platinum artists. Our producers have also worked with many of today's already established platinum recording artists including Dr. Dre, N.W.A., Above the Law, 2 Pac and Snoop Dogg. Beatology prides itself on being uniquely positioned to offer original, contemporary, quality product in almost any musical genre. With an array of styles ranging from hardcore rap and hip hop to R&B, Inspiration, Alternative, Reggae and House, Beatology’s capabilities extend far beyond the competition. Beatology is constantly re-defining the limits off its potential. It continues to strive to become one of the most sought after, and respected record companies of the next decade. Beatology is on the cutting edge of the industry. As we look to continue establishing and working with many of today's hottest artists, and most respected record companies, the possibilities are limitless. We welcome you to join the experience. copyright 2007 BEATOLOGY MUSIC, INC. BEATOLOGY MUSIC INC. DISCOGRAPHY 2004 VARIOUS TRUE CRIMES: STREETS OF LA 4,000,000 2003 ABOVE THE LAW SEX, MONEY AND MUSIC 400,000 2002 2 PAC TILL THE END TIME 3,000,000 2001 VARIOUS 2 HOT FOR TV(SOUNDTRACK) 150,000 2000 CAFFIENE HOLLA AT YOUR PARTNER 200,000 2000 DR. DRE CHRONIC 2001 6,000,000 1999 BIG HUTCH EXECUTIVE DECISIONS 150,000 1999 ABOVE THE LAW FOREVER RICH THUGS 150,000 1998 KAM WHO CARES 100,000 1998 VARIOUS LAWHOUSE EXPERIENCE 180,000 1997 ABOVE THE LAW LEGENDS 150,000 1996 ABOVE THE LAW TIME WILL REVEAL 300,000 1996 E-40 HALL OF GAME 1,000,000 1996 VARIOUS THE CROW (SOUNDTRACK) 4,000,000 1994 KOKANE FUNK UPON A RYME 180,000 1994 EAZY E ITS ON DR. DRE 187 KILLA 300,000 1994 KID FROST SMILE NOW CRY LATER 300,000 1993 HWA MUCH AS YOU WANT IT 500,000 1993 2 PAC STRICKLY 4 MY NIGGAS 3,000,000 1993 EAZY E 5150 500,000 1993 VARIOUS PUMP UP THE VOLUME 500,000 1993 VARIOUS MENACE TO SOCIETY 1,000,000 1992 ABOVE THE LAW BLACK MAFIA LIFE 400,000 1992 NWA - EP 100 MILES AND RUNNING 500,000 1992 VARIOUS DEEP COVER(SOUNDTRACK) 1,000,000 1991 STANLEY CLARKE /GEORGE DUKE HANNIBAL 800,000 1991 ABOVE THE LAW VOCALLY PIMPING 200,000 1990 KOKANE WHO AM I 100,000 1989 ABOVE THE LAW LIVING LIKE HUSTLERS 600,000 copyright 2007 BEATOLOGY MUSIC, INC.
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