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Josh Cameron
Josh Cameron
9 Tracks
Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Bradley Nowell, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Deftones, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slightly Stoopid, Bob Marley, Jr. G
24 yr old emerging recording artist joshua cameron from seattle, wa. best reckonize b4 u watchin the emerald city spark it once again
Band/artist history
I was born on january 20th 1981 in Kalamazoo Michigan. I grew up with my mother and older brother. My parents divorced before i was born. I never knew my father. I love my mother from the bottom of my heart. she gave up everything to raise us boys. I can never repay such sacrifice-i honor it always. Now i understand. It is waking light, the spirit hour (forgive me for my youth mother, of my ever searching heart)... We traveled quite a bit- folk festivals, political events, my mother was a cross between a political activist and a raging hippie... so in some sense i was always surrounded by music and art of some form... inspired by its presence, even before i knew its purpose. My memories of michingan were of love and community, i saw nothing but the good in people. young and innocent, yet instilled with a sense of ambition to live out those ideals. We moved from kalamazoo to keams canyon, arizona when i was in 4th grade... a massive shift in cultural exposure, the hopi indian way of life (combined with the openness of the arizona landscape) sparked a need to understand what i was and why i was here, a silent quest that would consume the latter part of my adolesence, always dancing in the back of my mind. I caught lizards and rattlesnakes atop the sprawling mesas and took them home in a butterfly net... nieve i was in my youth. i liked to be alone atop the mesas. i would explore for hours on end. free i felt. connected to nature. alive. we soon moved from there. the changes in environment had a large effect on me, something didn't feel right. it never changed. i found music, it found me. we knew right away. we had been waiting. i followed it through rebellion, angst, romance, triumph, tradegy, passion, as far as it would lead i followed with open heart, though painful at times, there is no more rewarding way to live than with an open heart. the balance is all one could ask for. though forgive me mother, i was so far from saint in those days -one who said fuck rules, fuck society, fuck who's holding us down -but wait you're cool if you like the same music i'm into... or you're the girl i'm chasing. it was a phase. so much energy, so much emotion. nothing that could inspire me besides music. my thoughts were epic in nature. music resonated my soul more than anything i had ever experienced. it called. in high school i sang in a band and devoted most of my time to music and art. in the summer of 1997 i moved to los angeles for the summer and took illustration at an art school. The weather was inspiring, the people were inspiring. I knew i would return. I moved to orcas island upon my return to washington. i wrote music, i began to see. i began to open up. yet still a youthful disaster, we missed no opportunity to party the night away. we bonded. friends for life. no regrets, no mistakes. i found energy. channeled that energy into my music. i moved to seattle. went to school to study recording- i wanted to make my music sound like what i was inspired by. i learned much. i graduated, got a job at a radio station. saw the business of music. saw how the wheels begin to turn on their own, and eventually cannot stop at all. the stock market shall weild great power, yet shall never be a triumph of humanity. what little we know. what little time. i saw what i saw. i began recording music, caring little for my daily requirements. i quit my job, i wanted to be free of such doubtful pursuits. no more jobs, no more money. throw it to the wind. live here. in this moment. in this place. it was never my life. never shall it be. money is our end, our way of silencing the truth. i was brought up by 2 houses. one of lust and vanity, the shimmer of its window. one of care and hardship, the truimph of its virtue. i know now. it took time. growth. i dont want these possessions, i don't want this hollow truth. i want the real. the love of forever. the time that slows to greet you. material things will only show what little time you have to experience this quickness. treasure this. it will be over soon. embrace what u have. forgive me mother i love u. i love everthing about this place.i shall never forget why i came.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, live music is best
Your musical influences
Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Bradley Nowell, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Deftones, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slightly Stoopid, Bob Marley, Jr. Gong, Led Zep, Mad Season, Doby Gray, Steve Miller, LBD All Stars, Smashing Pumpkins, Ben Harper, Dave Mathews, Third Eye Blind, Jim Bredouw, Face to Face, Michael Hedges, Stevie Ray Vaughn
What equipment do you use?
whatever i can get my hands on
Anything else?
www.myspace.com/joshcameron buy my record so i can eat and pay rent. one love.
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