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Guitarist , Agent , Promoter, Artistic Director , Self described Libertarian, Humorist , Occasional Impressionist , Cook , Husband , Father , Pet owner , Impresario , 37 , Aquarian , 'Husky' , Handy , Self Directed , Self taught , Far from perfect , Self effacing , Critical thinker , Older than his years but still a kid.
Band/artist history
I grew up a small town called Hubbards on the South Shore of Nova Scotia but have resided in Ontario since 1990. Currently I live in a small hamlet near Kingston known as Odessa where my wife and I have firmly planted our flags. We are renovating a century old limestone house that is constantly crying for attention but we are near completion. The house was purported by many of the town residents to be haunted. We've seen no real evidence that might substantiate this rumour, but life has been too busy for us to notice. I released my debut CD titled 'Paradigm' in 1999. It was a culmination of instrumental guitar tunes written over the course of a decade. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Some folks seemed to really like it... in the tune of a quarter million or so, as streams and download stats would suggest from the now defunct Mp3.com. Anyway...it certainly got me thinking of marrying what was once a solitary hobby into a new career direction. That same year I discovered and met guitarist Don Ross. After I retrieved my jaw from the floor I offered to promote a concert for him. Marketing was something I was doing at the time, both as a consultant which saw me traveling to Europe and as an owner of a small niche software company, so I figured it wouldn't be that much of a stretch. The show was a huge success, Don was between agents, the stars were aligned, Seth had completed breast feeding, Pam had rarely seen me happier so what was I waiting for? Right! On with the show! My second album 'Irregular Pulse'(released in May 04) is now behind me and I'm soon heading back into the studio for the third. This past summer was a memorable one for me career wise; I performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival on the GM Carre Four stage and organized Canada's first guitar festival right here in Odessa. This will of course be an annual event that will showcase some amazing talent and aid the efforts of a growing movement of players and fans alike.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Somewhere between the hats I wear, I find myself on that stage. Locations vary... have passport..will travel etc. Live performances were a nightmare for me. Taking the stage solo has little to offer in the way of camaflouge; playing intricate compostions on any instrument can be a challenge all its' own without the added bagage of stage fright. Fortunately, my constitution is such that I simply forced myself to just hunker down and do it. There are memorable moments on both sides of the coin as a result...though I am happy to report that the coin has lost its' warble and has settled happy side up.
Your musical influences
I play fingerstyle guitar and the compositions are my own. Aside from my most recent work with Don Ross, my main guitar influences were guys like Steve Howe, David Gilmore, Alex Lifeson, Yngie, Rhoads, Knopfler etc. I have always been a fan of progressive music of any form. Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, David Byrne; these are examples of artists who have held greator sway with me for the most part. I tend to see greater meaning artistically in this manner. At 37 on the cusp of 38, I see myself exploring that direction more and more. The next album will certainly confirm this. I don't have a clue as to what commercial success if any I might see with it..but if that's what it was about for me, I'd be developing commercial properties or something..:-)
What equipment do you use?
I use two Flambeau guitars which were designed by George Lowden. Also I have a recent addition of a Brazilian Rosewood / Spruce dreadnought made by builder Marc Beneteau and will soon recieve what appears to be a world first; namely a fan-fret baritone made by Michael Greenfield ( www.greenfieldguitars.com )
Anything else?
The live performance is where I have the most fun these days. I enjoy the fact that I can recieve two plus hours of peoples lives. I'm happy to reciprocate.