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Cryptic Implication
Cryptic Implication
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We are unique. We're loud and fast, and we do whatever the fuck we want
Some demo we probly wont do anything with
Fuck the rules. Fuck the authority. Let your own thoughts be heard. Let your own peronality be driven unbiased by other people's impressions. This is Cryptic Implication, we don't care if you like us. We don't care if we annoy you. We're here and that won't change. Our goal: to open people's eyes to what they have never seen. Even if we never play a sold out show, or even get fans, we will be here. Read between the lines... seek the Cryptic Implication in life.
Band/artist history
The band basically started out with guitar players Nelson Myers and Steven Hanks. Then came Christian Truskinski (bass) and me, Nick Cody (vocals). Our group had been friends for awhile, and was very lax with little or no work ethic. When we got together... we'd end up somehow either skating, making asses of ourselves, or blowin shit up. We weren't serious about anything. Back then, under the name of Omar Rules the World, we couldn't find a drummer who fit in the way we wanted. That changed the day Oscar Godson came to our small redneck town. Truly inspiring a new motivation to kick some ass and play some music, we changed completely. Now, we're working in Oscar's room as often as we can to try and inspire change ourselves...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We're working on it. If like what you hear... contact me and we can always arrange something.
Your musical influences
Everyone in the band has their own influences... i'll be sure to have everyone's own personal quotes in here, but for now.... My Musical Influences: At a tender young age my sister would drive me around in her car, blasting loud rock music that i hated. I was more into rap at the time, and a total and complete faggot. But it grew on me, and i began worshipping CKY, Old school Metallica, KoRn, and multiple Punk bands. These all influenced my lyrics and style, and I tend to mix things up alot. Sometimes its serious and depressing lyrics, and other times its humorous or creepy, but i try to instill hidden meanings throughout a song... therefore inspiring the name "Cryptic Implication" (if you don't understand, look it up people) Oscar Godson's musical influences: My biggest influences would have to include Neil Pert from Rush. Any drummer knows what I'm talkin about. Also Lars Ulrich from Metallica for his insane beats. Mostly on his new album because it's like a "drum clinic" as my uncle from an older band likes to say. My last drumming influence would be Travis Barker. Yah he is the drum god under Neil Pert. And finally my Uncle Dennis because he supports me alot on this. Nelson Myers musical influences: No comment Steven Hanks's musical influences: ??? Christian Truskinki's musical influences: ???
Anything else?
If you need someone to play a show, we're always looking for new places to showcase our music. Thank's for listening to us... and take our message to heart.