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Bleeding Hands
Bleeding Hands
I am Bleeding Hands, from Manchester UK, i specialise in acoustic guitar music, from the ground up my music is roots, soul and passion. music is my art form and cannot be tied to a genre, as each song is a creation, almost an experiment and an expression of emotion at the time. from a dream, or a nightmare, neither sleeping or awake. "Bleak doesn't really do Bleeding Hands justice. As you'd expect from someone with a name like a blues legend, he takes a downbeat look at life and manages to create, in his simple acoustica, songs that sound both empty and full at once. Give him a budget for a band and his growling charm could fly." Chris Long BBC Currently i am looking to perform live as much as possible, this is where i really gain my mantra for life, i recently entered the EXR.ork.uk acoustic musician competition, to try to win the cash and a recording session to burn down my newest tunes, i am also organising a summer tour 2007, dates for which will be released, to coincide with a new CD release for 2007. There is no other band members to bleeding hands, just me, that's all i need. starting out in 2006 on a serious mission, i sent a pre-release copy of my still untitled CD to BBC Manchester, which received a brilliant reviewed by Chris Long (journalist at BBC Manchester), this gave me the inspiration to go further, and so when asked to play live on silk FM for UK music week, i jumped at the chance, Rachel Houghton (prime time presenter) was reduced to "that was lovely" on hearing promise land live for the first time. Following this i planned to release my CD, (recorded and produced at high toy studios) and so put together a summer tour, submitting demos left right and centre, the tour began with my first London gig and to celebrate the start of my first ever tour, the CD now entitled "bleeding hands unplugged" was on sale at every gig, The Summer tour 2006 included gigs in Manchester London, Nottingham, Liverpool Macclesfield and Whalley Bridge, and a promotional visit to ALL FM to play another live set on air, the tour consisted of 20 dates, and resulted the unplugged in being play listed by global radio six international, alooge (Germany), it felt great to be playing, Manchester's premier venues, - dry bar, night and day, the attic, thirsty scholar and many more, but also along side some of Manchester's greatest up and coming acts, this brought what i beleive a great success in the self released "unplugged album" of which over 200 copies were sold at gigs alone! The end of the tour signified a great success, in growing confidence i(i now stand up for performances) and the inspiration to set up the winter blues tour, starting with a long awaited gig, at the rampant lion, included playing 2 ox-jam dates, raising hundreds at the Swan in Macclesfield with a 15 band line up, and playing as part of "in the city" at M19, supporting October and played Levenshulme festival with the EXR collective, the start of the tour coincided with the release of the music video for strange addiction and was a great promotional tool for the song, which was now nominated for radio six's record of the year and available for download from 3 mobile still with my eyes on the prize - playing Glastonbury 2007, in all my, first year of getting my music to a wider audience has been a success, i plan to keeping recording and keeping on writing, keeping on gigging keep on enjoying making music. whilst 2006 have been a great success, with highlights like joining the EXR collective, coming 5th in the record of the year, totaling 62 plus live performances, launching online shop. my journey has so far left me with confidence and a hunger to do more. and in 2007??? i am currently working on new album, and looking gaining road time, i have a dream, "Is this genius or a very bizarre emotional war being played out on the sonic battlefield..." garageband.com if you want to read some mindless babble about my music then goto www.bleedinghands.com or drop me a line some time cheers Andy
Tell me about your history? How did you get where you are now?
loads busking gigging at biker nights generally causing trouble it just seems to follow me round! www.bleedinghands.com For More tunes and Stuff
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
I'm open to gig anywhere including Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Nottingham, www.bleedinghands.com For More tunes and Stuff
Your musical influences
Stone Roses, Beatles, Oasis, Nirvana www.bleedinghands.com For More tunes and Stuff
What equipment do you use?
PC Mic, Sound Forge www.bleedinghands.com For More tunes and Stuff
Anything else?
http://www.hi-toystudios.com/ European Tour Planned For 2006, UK tour 2005 www.bleedinghands.com For More tunes and Stuff