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The Hexxers crawled out from beneath the fetid SoCal RAB scene to shock and stun an unsuspecting fan base with their primal beat and savage guitar. Cannibal-sty
THE HEXXERS They crawled out from beneath the fetid SoCal RAB scene to shock and stun an unsuspecting fan base with their primal beat and savage guitar. Having conquered the modern rockabilly scene with the extraordinary release "Caged Heat", Rockin' Ryan Sagat teamed up with the manic hillbilly from West Virginia, Rip Carson, for some cannibal-style garage punk. "Freaks With The Savage Beat" is the band's first release. There has not been a record this savage since The Sonics and The Stooges. Jeff "Kopper" Kopp of GaragePunk.com and The Wayback Machine radio show, when he heard the CD exclaimed: "This release is going to really turn some heads (and ruin some ears!). It's really refreshing to hear something like this being put out by a new young band. These guys take the late '50s "Desperate Rock'n'Roll" (rockabilly AND R&B) influences and turn 'em inside out, exposing rock'n'roll's stinking, rotting guts. And, just in case you don't think that's sick enough for ya, they then fuck it up even more by throwing in dashes of Sonics, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Gories, Oblivians, Mummies, Back From the Grave, and Los Marauders, resulting in some of the most authentic primitive rock'n'roll I've heard in years. These cats could be the Cramps (or maybe at least the Raunch Hands) of the new millennium!! Get this thing out PRONTO so it can be my #1 pick of the year."
Band/artist history
It's too evil to print. Take a hillbilly from West Virginia, a redneck from North Carolina and mix in a Yankee from New York. Total screwed up thrashing savage rock n' roll.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The Hexxers are violating the public and private air space in many locations in SoCal. A more lengthy tour will begin in 2005.
Your musical influences
The Sonics, The Stooges, all the unknown bands on the Back From The Grave comps, James Brown, The Cramps, Nick Cave, DMZ, Bo Diddley, and Teenage Shutdown comps
What equipment do you use?
The most basic primitive equipment available: Les Paul guitar, Danelectro Longhorn Bass, Drum kit, Danelectro Octavizer Fuzz pedal, Danelectro Guitarlin.
Anything else?
Who else is writing savage 3 minute or less garage punk songs about serial killers from the serial killer POV ("Bones By My Bedside"), twisted relationship songs ("Strangled"), laments about their promiscuity ("No One Knows Where My Wild Seeds Are Sown"), weird sexual attraction ("Sidewinder Crawl"), and suicide ("Knockin On Gravestones").
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