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mexican metal band with growling 7-string guitar. Intense speed metal drumming
We are Akylia, a 4 part Mexican metal band.
Band/artist history
After months of searching for new talent vocalist Tony and drummer Santiago realized that they needed to get their act together. The original plan was to play as a trio. The trio was going to consist of Tony and Santiago who had jammed previous to the Akylia days (and happened to be good friends from before) and a bassist who is to remain unnamed. That plan failed after the bassist quit for reasons we cannot say. For a time Tony and Santiago were alone searching for the perfect combination. After some time Tony came to meet Tiago. He was an unforgiving guitarist with a lot of personality and soul. After explaining the situation he didn't look back. His dedication and hard work was the reason Tony decided to welcome him into the family. After hitting the first note Tony knew there was a lot of chemistry and love between members. Tony felt so comfortable that he quoted with Pato's and Tiago's dedication they could burn their hands on a Thursday and be jamming with the band Friday. The last part of the equation was to find a bass player who would fill the growling vocals of singer Tony, the 7-string screaching guitars of Tiago and Santiago's highly-technical progressive drumming. The answer was a friend of Tiago named Lobato. He had jammed with Tiago previous to the Akylia days. Now that everything was set they had to jump in the rehearsal room and start composing in order to express their art to people. The first song they came across was titled Blind Revolution. When they finished writing this they knew Akylia was going to have an impact on people. After some time in the rehersal room Akylia came to write 5 songs, Blind Revolution, I Can't See, Keeper of the Inferno, 4 Nations 4 Tribes, and RevoluciĆ³n de Dios". They had to get ready so the could make a name for themselves out in the crowds. Under the managment of Daniel Bossoms they managed to get their first gig on October 22. Akylia wasn't skeptical at all about their performance that evening. When vocalist Tony started the Blind Revolution opening riff everything blew off into metal bliss. The bombardment of Tony's vocals was followed by minutes of Tiago's high octave, fret-burning solos that left the crowd and other bands petrified. The drums were spectacularly fast and intricate with rapid double bass strokes. Not to forget Lobato's booming bass, so loud and with such low-end that you could feel your stomach in your throat. There was something new that evening, and that something was the boom of Akylia's sound. Just remember when you hear us coming, prepare for the real s*** and no imitation.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live here in Mexico City and we love it
Your musical influences
Dream Theater, Angra, Soulfly, Sepultura, Ill Nino, Agora, Pantera
What equipment do you use?
Mesa Boogie 650 Watt Triple Rectifier, Marshall 450Watt JCM900, Acoustic 750 Watt Bass Amp, 21 piece Pearl Drumset. Ibanez 7-string guitars and 5-string basses
Anything else?
visit our website www.akylia.tk
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