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Yves Philippe
Yves Philippe
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Originally from northern New-Brunswick, Yves Philipe, 25 is now settled in Montreal where he is busy working on a new album of original songs. Heavily influence
It is on the ninth of September 1980 that my soul sparked into existence, thrown into this life, this reality, this dream, from a chance encounter, a loving connection, of two wonderful beings. Close to the trees, to the sea, to history, I grew up modestly, comfortably. This neutral childhood with its healthy dose of solitude led to contemplation; contemplation of the World around me, of nature in all of its creative glory and chaotic beauty. Feeling so close, like a child of this wonder, I too, felt the need to be creative. The foolish and innocent youth first took the pencils, in conformity, in imitation, but a mother's love for music eventually took a hold of me, not letting go. A culmination of circumstances wanted that the guitar be my instrument of creation, my voice of unreason. So I played. I played and I learned. And I played and I unconformed, finding my own voice, with my fingers. I would accumulate much instrumental material this way, echoes of my mind, reflections of life snippets that kept rolling by. With much belief and dedication, spurred forth from the loving appreciation and encouragement, I created a first album, called 'Progression', as a mirror of part of this life, like a picture-album, in music, a storytelling of personal evolution. And now. Now what? Now comes the time of fusion, fusion of poetry and music in song. This is my new adventure, another journey in discovery, another attempt to understand, to seek a few notes, a few words that may fit, maybe together, in the puzzle of explanation that can't be completed otherwise.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes. If you're lucky enough to catch me ;-) My appreciation for live playing all depends on an infinite amount of variables of the specific moment...
Your musical influences
Don Ross, Laurence Juber, Preston Reed, Tim Reynolds, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, Damien Rice, Joseph Arthur, Jewel, Sarah McLauchlan, Elliott Smith, Counting Crows, Nietzsche and other philosophy, nature, love, life...everything.
What equipment do you use?
Guild GAD50 Acoustic Dreadnought Ovation Celebrity Model CC67 Acoustic Guitar Cheap Yamaha Classical
Anything else?
I am fascinated and mystified by paradoxes and significant coincidences (Synchronicity). Thank you for checking my music out!
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