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Darkville Productions also known as DVP specialises in R&B, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Funky House, and much more. The label is where Dark Smith was born and is the ce
Darkville Productions also know as DVP was formed in 2001. Darkville Specialises in US/UK R&B Urban flava. The label also produces Hip-Hop, Funky House, Dancehall and many other types of music. Darkville Productions is managed by Dwayne Smith aka Dark Smith, who started out in the music industry as a young R&B vocalist. After many years of being dedicated to the industry, with it's up and downs. Dark Smith is ready to show the world what he can do. As the market becomes more and more demanding, and society changes becoming more multi cultural, changes must be made in order to meet the demands of the consumer. Dark Smith has made producing material for all types of background his mission priority. Producing all types of material from R&B, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Dance, House, Pop, Garage, Eastern Cultural, and more. You bring the sound you would like your track to sound like and he'll make the magic happen. Dark Smith with his label Darkville aim to be one of the leading R&B independent production/ record companies in the UK. Setting the trend for others to follow, inspire and to learn from.
Band/artist history
Michael Williams aka Mikey Williams (Artist) Mikey is one of our must treasured artist who has a talent which is respected and loved by many. Mikey has been with Darkville since 2002. He joined Darkville to become apart of the group EDM which was made up of three individuals. The other two individuals were Dwayne Smith aka Dark Smith and Eddie Clarke. Mikey has a good track record on the music circuit which includes the following: - - Reach out tour - This was a tribute to the Mowtown era, which Mikey travelled around the UK with a tribute band during 1998 - 2000. - Prince of Wales Theatre - Mikey preformed at the Prince of Wale Theatre in Cannock, which was filmed by the BBC today team. - Backing Vocals for Steel Pulse - Mikey was featured as a backing vocalist on the last album for the legendary reggae band Steel Pulse. - Worked with Pato Banton - Mikey has also done numerous studio works with Pato Banton, best known for his single with UB40 - Baby Come Back. -Support Act for Real McCoy - Mikey was also featured as a support act for the TV show The Real McCoy. - Aston Pride Fesstival - Preformed his new single at the year festival - Birmingham carnival - Preformed his new sigle Bouncing All Around feat Sorecee & Dark Smith Mikeyâs Statement I have preformed at the Drum in Birmingham on many occasions including the televised ITV series The Drum Beat featuring as bass player to some of Birminghamâs young up and coming artists. I have also won many vocal talent contest through-out Birmingham. My plans for the future are to:- â have a successful recording career â to be one of the great live performers like many of my idol in the music business â to work hard and strive for the goals I have set my self â To emulate the success of artists such as Joe, Usher Raymond, Brien McKnight, Boys II Men and many others. Hobbies and Interests Mikey enjoys playing his bass guitar in his spare time and spending time with his family and close friends. He also enjoys playing computer games down at Dark Smithâs house. Dwayne Smith aka Dark Smith (Company Director / Producer / Arranger / Song writer) Dark Smith was born in London and lived in Acton until the age of 6. At the age of 6 he moved to Birmingham to be closer to his grandparents. Dark Smith started out as a singer at the age of 11 where he was a part of a four part harmony group named âSweet and Secureâ. With the support of his family and friends Dwayne went on to help form the production label Charleville Productions in 1996. During his time with Charleville Dark Smith started to find his strengths and realised he had great skill for musical production and song writing. In 1999 Dark Smith practised producing and song writing influenced manly by Jodeci, Blackstreet, Brien McKnight, Boys II Men and many more. Over the years Dwayne has grasped musical production with both hands and has nurtured it to his own individual style which is a fusion of different styles of music incorporated into one. Dwayne is the key to the sound behind Darkville and is very quick on picking up new techniques and new styles of music. Dwayne was also one of the key organisers in the âœEnough is Enoughâ쳌 event held at the Aston Villa Football Club for the remembrance of Charlene and Latisha and many others. He has also won singing contests in the local community where he lives. Hobbies & Interests Dwayne enjoys spending time with his family and close friends, when his not doing that his in the studio trying out new ideas. Dwayne also loves to play games online with people from all over the world in his spare time. Dwayneâs Statement My goals in life are to put Darkville Productions on the map with other producer like Timberland, Missy Elliot, Neptuneâs, Darkchild, and P.Diddy. I also believe that Birmingham has a lot of hidden talented artist and I am going to make this my mission to get those artists the credit they deserve in the music industry. I believe a lot of the youth today have musical talent and donât have any other way to really express them selves. If I achieve my goals I will give them that chance. For more information contact Darkville Productions via E-mail. darkvilleproductions@hotmail.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah, done a few gigs around the place, but not anything for myself. Mainly for artist I have produced for. I love preforming, but I love producing the music more! All my musical moments are special. Some moments are so special in the studio, that my eyes would fill with tears of joy. At that moment I know I've been blessed. That there would be a special moment for me. Another special moment would be when I give an artist or myself goose bumps from the sound of my music or through a song that i've wrote.
Your musical influences
My production influences come from 1st the producers: Darkchild, P.Diddy, Dr Dre, Missy Elliot, Timerland, and Teddy Riley. My Song writting skill and vocals come from the following: Jodeci, Brien Mcknight, Blackstreet, Steve Wonder, The Temptations, and many more. Mikey also has had the same influence as myself.
What equipment do you use?
Cubase SX 5, Reason 5, Behringer DDX3216 Digital Mixer, Native Instruments Maschine, Mackie 16 Channel Mixing Desk, Fostex Active speakers, Tannoy Reveal Studio Monitors, Quad core PC, 4Gb DDR Ram, x2 M-Audio Delta 1010LT Sound Card along with a M-Audio Pro Fire 610 for my laptop Digital, Beringer Compossor Pro, Alesis Digital Reverb and Delay, 2x 19" TFT Displays, Korg Kontrol49, PM1 and more
Anything else?
All of the beats labeled for sale on this site are are available to buy. If you're interested in purchasing any of these beats for your profitable commercial releases just e-mail me at Darkvilleproductions@hotmail.com You have 3 buying options: (1) LEASING RIGHTS (E-MAIL FOR PRICES): With leasing rights you can use the beat for only one profitable commercial recording or broadcast purpose, you will have non-exclusive rights to the beat. This is perfect if you're working on a low budget album. Leasing rights can be sold multiple times by Darkville Productions and the beat remains on the website. Once you have purchased the beat you will receive a CD in the mail containing the full beat as audio, the full beat in wav format, and the separate parts of the beat as individual wav files. In addition you will receive a signed Darkville Productions contract granting you non-exclusive rights to the beat. (2) EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS (E-MAIL FOR PRICES): With exclusive rights you'll be able to use the beat for all profitable commercial recording or broadcasting purposes. Once exclusive rights are sold the beat is no longer available on the website. Exclusive rights are sold to only one user and cannot be resold or transferred to any other party. Once you have purchased the beat you will receive a CD in the mail containing the full beat as audio, the full beat in wav format, and the separate parts of the beat as individual wav files. In addition you will receive a signed Darkville Productions contract granting you exclusive rights to the beat. (3) CUSTOM BEATS (E-MAIL FOR PRICES): This is a beat made to your description, we will discuss exactly how you want it and go over all of the details. It's made for you and you only, no one will hear it until you've released the song. Prices differ and package deals are available, e-mail Darkville Productions for more information.
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