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Simon Daum
Simon Daum
Buchenbach, Germany
December 14, 2004
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Simon Daum is a young composer from Germany. His musicial training includes two years of piano lessons which he took when he was about 8 years of age. In addition to that he also played the trumpet for a few years. One of the reasons why he stopped taking piano lessons was because he wasn't satisfied with playing songs "which everyone was playing". Composing has always been his greatest love. Although Simon can barely play songs which are notated, and although music is not his profession, he has still been able to reach people with his own compositions. People describe his music as being full of emotion, uplifting, and very calming. So far Simon has published : 2 Physical CD's called 1.) "New Hope" 2.) "Steadfast", 3 Online CD's called 1. "New Hope" 2.) "Steadfast" 3.) "Best of Simon Daum" Besides these albums, there are many other songs that all can be purchased as single mp3's. He has written music for many different occasions, such as movies, computergames and other similar projects. Simon's music is mainly influenced by his faith in God and his great love for nature. The greatest success for Simon is, when his music can make a small difference in the world, a small difference for the good ! One of the most talented I have heard --Jon Schmidt .. see www.jonschmidt.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I am more of a "studio" musician !
Your musical influences
Jon Schmidt, Kurt Bestor, Thomas Newman, James Horner, Hans Zimmer
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