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Skillz Row feat Crow PAB
Skillz Row feat Crow PAB
18 Tracks
A Hip Hop group that embraced the fun aspects of a ghetto, teenage life that respected out culture in the process.
You are now at 'Da Bodega" with SKILLZ ROW!!! A group started back in 1995 that eventually disbanded by 2001 (but we all still cool). You can check out the tracks we did goofing around and sold during those days...remember this, we had fun doing these so no need for the ice grill. The group was a mix of Spanish, Black, and a white DJ that consisted of: Crow P.A.B. (Po Ass Boriqua)- lead MC, frontman, producer Knut - MC, hypeman DJ Chalk - DJ, Producer Grifter - Designer, Hypeman, MC Kid Slice (R.I.P.) - MC
Band/artist history
1995 - Crow & 1 Knut form Skillz Row from doing spoof hip hop covers and selling them at thier High School. 1996 - The now Crow P.A.B. & Knut join with friends Grifter and DJ Chalk to expand the group. They make a serious move to do thier own songs over other's instrumentals, record them, and sell the tapes. By this time the sell their own independent album self titled "Skillz Row". By only sticking with their H.S., and close friends spreading word of mouth, the move about 200 copies but more hear about it due friends coping the album for others. The also begin to perform at house parties and attempt to be seen by a known company. Eventually, they are offered 2 different deals, but relucantly the refuse dur to being scared of being 'raped' (the group had no lawyer or manager). That will also be the last time they get any offers. They continue writing and recording their own songs sans original beats. 1997 - The begin doing talent shows and showcases (including one with P. Diddy in attendance) to much praise due to their silly antics and willingness to laugh at themselves and not be 'hardcore' or 'flossy'. They refer to themselves as from the 'Da Bodega' and embrace their immature ghetto image (i.e. drinking 40's, getting dissed by girls, ect.) They add Kid Slice, the 5th and final member, to the group and proceed with recording their next street album "Da Bodega Bash". They get seen on NYC cable TV performing. They are invited onto NYU college radio to perform. 1998 - They begin to sell "Da Bodega Bash" and move over 350 copies on very limited word of mouth and thru local high schools. They continue to perform at showcases but eventually stop due to bad dealings. They do continue to do house and block parties. Crow P.A.B. and DJ Chalk begin work on the next album "4 Life" w/ P.A.B. begining to focus on more serious topics and makig more straight forward hip hop while improving his skill as a lyricist. P.A.B. begins to ghostwrite for 2 different production companies. He also begins to appear on very few mixtapes in NYC in an effort to get a little notice to the group. 1999 - The group begins to disband due to other interest and problems. Kid Slice gets imprisioned while Grifter, after doing add libs and cover art for "4 Life", goes away to college. "4 Life" is completed as the ONLY album to be recorded onto mini-disc then mastered/transfered directly to CD. Due to cost at the time only 25 CD's are pressed and selectly given to people who the groups feels can possible doing something with tapes being made for fans who've requested it. Knut leaves to go away to college as well, and only appears on 3 tracks on "4 Life". Note: the group holds no ill will towards Grifter or Knut, wishes them the best and keeps communication open. Skillz Row performs for the last time in August w/P.A.B., DJ Chalk, Grifter, & Knut. This live audio is added to the last 5 pressings of the "4 Life" CD. P.A.B. stops ghostwriting and proceeds to continue making tracks with DJ Chalk and a new female MC, Shorty Luv. By New Years, 5 songs are done and are not to be heard by anyone outside the group. P.A.B. calls it quits and focuses on other interest. 2004 - DJ Chalk, now known as Richie B., starts a stable of DJ's and begins a internet radio station , www.dseradio.com. P.A.B. starts a Soundclick page to re-release the Skillz Row audio, as well as the tracks that were never finished and/or were never heard.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have performed together a few times from '98 thru '00 at showcases, talent shows, and house parties. It was always fun, and we ALWAYS tried to bug out as much as possible.Only once did were we ever all together at the same time for a performance...it was at NYU's college radio station.
Your musical influences
Our influences only affect our writing styles, never content unless it was a homage. Notorious BIG, Wu Tang, NWA, Snoop, Nas, Beatnuts, Tribe Called Quest, and Redman.
Anything else?
Enjoy the music for what it is and understand that it was never professionally recorded or mastered...but we tried and made some noise with the way we did do it! Flaws and all!
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