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Jerry Bertheaume
Jerry Bertheaume
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My wife Kay is working at bass and vocals as I have been working on guitar and vocals I just have been engaged in this behavior a little longer.
The River Of Love 669948
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It is the Way
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Concrete Illusion
Peak position #50
Wrestle the Angel
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If There Are Angels
Peak position #42
I am a writer,recording engineer,arranger,guitarist,and vocalist who is certifiably crazy. I do this because it is what I have always have done since about 1964. I am looking for similar artists that want to focus and work together on a band that will have potential and earn a living, or at least help pay some bills, and at the same time growing as a creative group. I have played with a lot of different genres but I prefer to play creative fresh sounding music as opposed to playing something cloned off of others work and creativity. I am no party dog and don't wish to hang with any. I have performed for various sized crowds, opened for some national acts, and love to watch an audience respond no matter what the size. As you will see I write a lot about reality and awareness but I also know that I need to be open. I am looking for like-minded musicians to reach and have fun with. If interested email me or leave a message on the message board. I would be happy to respond. So click on Music and I hope you enjoy. -^- Thank You Jerry
Band/artist history
I have played for money since I was 14 years old. Bands were, not that you would recognize any of them: The Mystery Men, Haydens Creation, The Wilson South Windsor Bisstle Bridge Band, Fire, The Boys, Hot Walker and The Geezers.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I do a lot of pickup work and am a guest at shows.
Your musical influences
Jimi, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Muddy Waters, Led Zep, Santana. Hollin Wolf, Larry Carlton, Gov't Mule, The Allmond Bros, Greatfull Dead, Miles, Mingus, Weather Report, Frank Zappa, Cap't Beefheart, Yes, SRV,ECT.
What equipment do you use?
Lexington Omega (Cakewalk)studio equipement with wave direct fx. A home made strat through a Peavy Classic Fifty & a Vox VT, I also use a Rolland Guitar Synth. I use a fernandas for bass.
Anything else?
Support your local musicians they work hard and contribute more than most people realize to human essence. Thanks
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