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Will Carroll
Will Carroll
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The Winds of Endless Cosmic Flight... Doomed to wander,among the broken hearts...
Last Time Around
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Make things right
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Let Go
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The Radio's Dead/Cry Baby Cry
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The Other Door - Will Carroll
Okay... I'm on a giant "rock",hurling thru space and this is what I do..to pass the time..
Band/artist history
Will Carroll ,singer, songwriter,musician...from Connecticut,a great place to grow up... me?? so I spent some time at a monastery ,as a vow of silence was goin on ,very strange, but I couldn't close myself off like that,too hard, I didn't want to hide from reality,better to face it... religion??? maybe not for me......"Imagine no Religion,its easy if you can..." (John Lennon).. So I started a band with my friends ...played in a lot of bands with some now famous people, been on the same bill with Ringo Starr and All Stars(Joe Walsh,Todd Rundgren,Timothy B. Schmidt,Burton Cummings of Guess Who)Yes(with Rick Wakeman),J Geils,Gregg Allman,Joe Ely,Bonnie Raitt,NRBQ,..and Michael Bolton was lead guitar& singer for one of my earliest bands"Wheatfield Ash"..anyways...made some records ya know...traveled all over the place playin ,havin fun...long story short,so now I'm down in Dallas Texas...playin out every now an then, working on some new songs,and life still goes on an on an on an on...... The internet is a great thing for me,you get to hear what now holds my sanity in check,my music... John Lennon said in his song"life is what happens to you,while your busy making other plans"... Thanks for listenin ,you don't know how much I appreciate it and hearing from you all... later down the trail
Have you performed in front of an audience?
If you are in Connecticut,you can now see me out playin live,all around the state. I have been working mostly in the studio lately...
Your musical influences
Little Feat,Laura Nyro,Beatles,Joni Mitchell,Steve Winwood,Traffic,Led Zepplin, Jethro Tull,Pink Floyd,Spooky Tooth,Blodwyn Pig, Neil Young,Jimi Hendrix,Joe Walsh,Thelonius Monk...
What equipment do you use?
okay , I got a "68" classic Telecaster,thru a Marshall amp,a Takamine acoustic, a Hofner bass ,Alesis Drums,Korg and Yamaha keyboards...
Anything else?
Thanks for listening.... later down an worry free
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