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Bare Noise Blads
Bare Noise Blads
8 Tracks
Avante-garde jazzoid electronic beats chill/clash/noise-core pop-rock {with a sideorder of psy-trance}.
We'll get better. Honestly.
Band/artist history
The Blads have been in existence in various guises for some time. Everything started about a year ago with the 'blue toast' sessions. Thom and Psam would meet up, eat various coloured food products and make experimental music with very restricive software until 5 in the morning. These sessions were the birth of the blads and, after several member changes and musical style-shifting, we are back to our original members and the original sound (though we can get the loops in time now. Damned Magix).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We're not a particularly special duo.
Your musical influences
We are fans of the avant-garde and forward-thinking, but we take influences from anywhere and everywhere.
What equipment do you use?
Behringer Eurorack, Ableton Live, Roland SH101, Micro Korg, Midi controller keyboards, Bongoes, Zildjian cymbals including a wee 5 incher[laugh here if you are immature], Clarinet, Cello, Fender Strat, Roland sound module, Creative Audigy Sound blaster pro/E-mu sound card, Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Kit, Cowbell, Vibraslap, Shakey eggs, Korg Toneworks effects unit, Digitech RP200, loadsa VSTs - guitar rig, albin, S5000, Limelight Solo, Novation Bass station and most importantly the DELAY LLAMA.
Anything else?
despite our trying to make our music ridiculously pretentious and avante-garde, it still seems to be popular among middle-aged, middle-class sub-urbanites and various wigger hip-hop heads from our school, so don't knock us 'till you've tried us 'cos we're not that inaccesible.
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