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Sutter Cane
Sutter Cane
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A passionate, poetic emcee from Louisville, Kentucky that works with amazing producers from all across the hip-hop scene. A lover of all musical genres that fin
VISIT SUTTER CANE ON THE WEB WWW.SUTTERCANEMUSIC.NET SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT Robert Bratcher II grew up obsessed with music. In his earliest childhood memories he recalls lying on the floor in his room listening to the beautiful harmonizing on the Beach Boys album Pet Sounds. Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky as a child of the 80s, Rob was only exposed to certain music early in life. Mostly just radio hits from Madonna, Duran Duran, New Kids On The Block, MC Hammer, and others. As he grew older he discovered the music scene outside of 80s pop radio. Through his teen years he was heavily moved by hip-hop and grunge rock. Later on he discovered the treasures of 60s and 70s psychedelic rock. Rob continued to rummage through local record stores, and his parents vinyl collection, digging deeper into the world of music. Poetry was another art form that Rob became attached to at a young age. Inspired by an articulate elementary school English teacher, he found poetry tremendously moving. He began writing poems on a regular basis, and this was something he would continue to do throughout his life. By the time he was 18, Rob had fallen in love, dropped out of high school, been in quite a bit of trouble with the law, tried nearly every drug imaginable, and made every mistake a bewildered teenager can make. After a series of negative drug experiences that left him with ongoing mental torment, Rob returned to the creative languages that had touched a chord in his heart as a child. Once again he found himself infatuated with music and poetry, this time as an aspiring artist. Sutter Cane was the novelist from the film In the Mouth of Madness. He wrote books that caused the reader to go insane. Three years into his music career, Rob chose "Sutter Cane" as his musical alter ego. He uses music and poetry as a way to deal with life. Whether he spent the night arguing with his girlfriend, sharing beer and deep conversation with his close friends, or performing music in a local bar, you will hear about it in his songs. Honest emotions and simple analogies of life are what you will find in this music. No preaching, no bragging, and no cookie-cutter hip-hop; just sincere words and heartfelt expressions from a dreamer with good intentions and many scars CONTACT SUTTER CANE ON AIM: MSOLOIST
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have done many live shows with my former group (sekond nature) but the group is no longer together. I've done a few solo shows so far, and I am planning many more for winter 05/06.
Your musical influences
Aesop Rock Adeem (GLUE) Beatles, the Beck Billy Corgan Bob Dylan Brian Wilson Bright Eyes Brother Ali Charles Bukowski Common Sense Cure. the Devin The Dude Don McLean Flaming Lips Gift Of Gab Jewel Jim Morrison Jim Steinman Johnny Cash Kurt Kobain Mazzy Star Moby Modest Mouse Neil Young Pep Love Phil Spector Pink Floyd Radiohead Rakim Sage Francis Sigur Ros Slug Syd Barret Tupac Shakur
What equipment do you use?
Acid 4.0 & Soundforge 6.0 w/ AKG C1000 Microphone
Anything else?
MY OFFCIAL WEBPAGE: http://www.suttercanemusic.net/index.cfm
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