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All Because of Jesus
This recording is a suggestion of how the song may be done. Vary style, if you wish, and enjoy! CCLI Song No. 4586780 Key: D
All Glory Be to God (instrumental)
CCLI Song No. 4571520 Keys: Bb, C
All of Me (instr)
This is a version with instruments but no vocals. Please do not dismiss instrumental recordings, this recording is simply a suggestion of how the song may be done. Vary style, if you wish, and enjoy!
All of the Time (instrumental)
An instrumental version; there are no vocals in this recording. However, the melody is usually played by the loudest instrument. Feel free to make it part of your own repertoire, varying it if you wish. CCLI Song No. 4557702 Key: C
All Praise Belongs to You
There are vocals in this version, but not by a professional singer. This recording is a suggestion of how the song may be done. Feel free to change the style as you wish.
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It's All About You
Music has always been a special joy to me. While still a child I enjoyed classical guitar and piano lessons. While growing up I had opportunity to play for our church youth group. More recently I have begun to write songs. They vary widely in style and are not confined to any one genre. My goal is to please the One who is the song-giver; to honour Him in all I write and play. It is my sincere desire that the Lord uses the music I write to draw people closer to Himself. Wherever you are at in relationship to God, may this music touch your heart and be a blessing to you.
Band/artist history
In the year 1999, I was at an inner city outreach. I was having coffee and had written my name on my styrofoam cup (so nobody would throw it out or take it for their own; good for the environment, and all that). I had written a song the night before, and so under my name I added "songwriter." I thought it would be great to be able to write songs. So when the pastor at the outreach came over and I showed him my cup. He smiled and said, "May it be so." God heard his simple prayer and today is 16 years later and I still like to write music; music that honours God. I want to be "God's musician." Recently (i.e. 2019) I realized that can include more than songwriting and playing with the worship team at church; for example: helping a neighbour learn to play their new guitar, entertaining at the local fair, at a homeless shelter and at a nursing home. Who said being a musician is boring? Not!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, at coffeehouses and at my home church. I very much enjoy it. Once, while at a coffeehouse, I got to sing and play a song I had written and have the band back me up -- it was awesome! P.S. the song is "If We Walk in the Light" -- sounds great blues style.
Your musical influences
Our local Christian radio station.
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha PSR 450 Keyboard, guitar (acoustic and electric), drums, software music generation and notation programs
Anything else?
Cow bells - genuine cow bells. I heard one of my fellow music team (i.e. church band) members wish for a cowbell. So I found some cowbells for sale in town and brought them to music team practice. They had a good laugh because the cowbell that they were talking about is a drum kit cowbell and not a real cowbell; they sound different from each other.
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