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JOE'S OCEAN - DEEP - A triumphant blend of musical genres in an alluring, inspiring, grooving and consistently upbeat style. It's a gorgeously blended sound; th
JOE'S OCEAN - "DEEP" - A triumphant blend of musical genres in an alluring, inspiring, grooving and consistently upbeat style. It's a gorgeously blended sound; the steadfast roots of Rock & Roll joined with power-pop flows. JOE'S OCEAN's sophomore CD "DEEP" is timely and timeless, balanced, ballsy and B.S.-less. ALWAYS melodic, harmonious and chugging, Joe's Ocean is a surge of progressiveness - Modern Rock's next phase. The outcome - PURE DYNAMIC MUSICAL FUN. You'll hear influences of the Beatles, the Who, Small Faces, Supergrass, P-Funk, San Fran Psychedelia, Brian Wilson, Booker T, Weezer, Chuck Berry and ELO, combined to create a unique sound that few, if any of JOE'S OCEAN's fans have ever been able to pigeonhole, or even want to. BUT WHO IS JOE'S OCEAN?!?! - It is one man...Andy Nazzal. Though it's an incredible sea of sounds, every note, every "ooh", every beat and every instrument on "DEEP" is performed by Andy. Each song is carefully layered and produced by this multi-instrumentalist/songwriter to create the utmost in sensory excitement, where Alt-Pop/Indie-Rock is blessed with a "what is that SOUND?" addition of an occasional banjo, Brazilian cuica, orchestral harp, Hammond Organ, or humble accordion - sounds that "shouldn't" go together, but do so most amazingly and soulfully. Many songwriters often say, "my songs are my children". If that's the case, then Andy Nazzal is the ultimate wide-ranging "conception" artist. He has fathered many musical creations of style on "DEEP" - Alt/Pop on "Happy" and "Lovely", Orchestral-Indie/Rock on "O.K.", leading the pack groove/psychedelia on "Had a Dream" and "Top of the Sky", Funk/Rock on "Rearranged", the Count Basie Big Band sound on "My Poacher's Red Blues", the Lennon-esque global homage in "Heaven's Gold" and the upwardly spiraling, "true to its roots" Rock & Roll as heard on "Last Rock & Roll" & "With You". JOE'S OCEAN has been called anything from "the next phase in Rock & Roll" to "new-oldies". Honest praise, but ultimately, hearing is believing, and this album will make you a "believer". Rock & Roll, in ALL of it's forms, is NOT dead. JOE'S OCEAN's "DEEP" is 20th Century Rock emerging from its 21st Century cocoon, with multi-colored sounds you have never heard before. Let this be the first "new sound" album you've purchased in a long time. Scott Farley Professor of Rock Music The NOVA Institute Washington
Band/artist history
Long and fabled
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We always play live
Your musical influences
Beatles, the WHO, Supergrass, Chuck Berry, Small Faces, ELO, Enoch Light, Sergio Mendes, Jimmy Smith, Thore Skogman.
What equipment do you use?
Again, a secret, I'm afraid.
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