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Sharecropper's Almanac
Southern rock, old time honky tonk, southern r&b, delta blues...Kind of a blender full of Americana
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Old Muddy River
Are we really as the world sees us? Where lies the strength to carry on day to day? What motivates us to strive for more and better things? This is simply a song of reflection.
Hot Skank (Dirty Lyrics)
Recorded 'by accident' during sound check. Just Shane on bass, Travis on drums and Wyatt on vocal and guitar. I just made up lyrics as we went and when I found out the digital recorder was on, everyone that heard it fell out laughing on playback.
Another Cheap Wine Christmas Time
A little demo we recorded many moons ago. SOme screw ups we never fixed and not mastered very well. I handle vocals and lead. B.C. on acoustic and Travis Mac on drums. Drunk Christmas songs are great!
When My Voice Leaves
Rare track that made it on our second cassette solely because people kept asking us to play it on the air.
A group of rag-tag country boys trying to be musicians decided many years ago that gathering to "practice" was a great excuse to experiment with substances and drink a lot of.....well, we just never took it very seriously. Members have come and gone, and we all but disappeared a few years ago when the boys decided it was time to grow up and raise families. The only thing that has kept our name and memory around is the fact that we recorded a lot of stuff. Some in real studios, some in garages, some at our few and far between live appearances...I wrote what you just read several years ago and still have only released three not-so-great songs, but we are still working on the "Pop's House" project and are planning a live album very soon. The band is in full tilt boogie again, with a "new" lineup of old-timers. Everyone in the band now has been there previously, just not necessarily at the same time. Travis "T-Mac" McIntyre: Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals, Roadie Big Willie "Boom" Johnston: Bass, Guitar, Spitoon, Roadie Brandon Cothran: Guitars, Vocals, Alcohol, Wyatt Mattison: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Groupies Christian Logan: Guitars, Vocals, Custodian We all go way back, playing in different bands together and all of us were in the pre-Sharecropper bands as a unit. We have plans to play as much as possible over the summer with some festival and local club bookings.
Band/artist history
Playing since 1990 or so. We were all pre-teens then and thought we were destined for greatness. Personnel and music styles have changed some over the years, but we still keep a little South Carolina in everything we play.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are booking about two weekends a month. We've played a lot most recently in our home base of Ware Shoals, SC. We have some festivals and club dates lined up for the rest of the summer and fall. Check us out around the Greenwood Area.
Your musical influences
Above all, Toy Caldwell and Waylon Jennings would rank as my foremost heroes and the general sound of the band is derived from these two guys. My writing influences are mostly country and southern r&b folks. Otis Redding and Steve "Colonel" Cropper, Isaac Hayes and David Porter, William Bell, Johnny Taylor, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Slim Harpo, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Curtis Mayfield, Bennie Latimore, and many others. Locally, two guys I know that made it big in the '50s and '60s and are huge r&b influences are Napoleon "Nappy" Brown and Kip Anderson. Of course, all the Marshall Tucker boys were from Spartanburg and they along with Mickey Fowler and the Variations had a huge influence on all of us.
What equipment do you use?
Whatever we can solder together, beg for from pawn shops or steal. Our instruments are impecable, our stage equipment is derelect.
Anything else?
Rebel yells to all the regional bands around SC, NC, and GA. Stand up tall and keep rocking!
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