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Mr G Reality
Mr G Reality
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Reality captures his audience in the exact same way the legend 2Pac did, only his method brings hope and promise to every listener.
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Hail Jesus
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Much Luv
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Who's Gone Reach'Em
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Raised in the Chicago land area Solomon Williams (Mr. G. Reality) studied the reality of the streets. Gangs and drugs were prevalent in his community. Growing up seeing the oppression and poverty prompted Reality to write songs of change with a heart of compassion and a love for the ghetto. He continues to reach those that society has outcast throughout the years with songs like "Conditioned 2 Be" and "One Day". These songs tell the story of triumph and achievement for those who consistently struggle in poverty. Reality's music touches the hearts of those less fortunate. With the underground release entitled The Message, Reality has earned the title Street Promotions and Marketing extraordinaire. Selling and promoting over 5,000 copies on the Chicago streets alone has proven that this heartfelt lyricist will impact this generation. Reality replies: "I consider myself a voice for those without a voice". His first full length project entitled "The Message" debuted in 2004. Back with a new album entitled One Day, Reality is ready to take his rightful place. There is no doubt that this project will change the lives of many with its message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Mr. G. Reality began his rap ministry in 1999. He has performed on the same stage as Cross Movement, Vicky Yohe, Trinity 5:7, B.B. Jay, Big Shadow, Judah Man, Mizz Reality, Damon Lamar, L.G. Wise, Michelle Williams, and Mr. Del to name a few. Look for "One Day" in stores near you. adullamhouserecords.com thoughtliferecords.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Performed in many cities. Kansas City, Chicago, Atlanta, Pittsburg, San Diego, Detroit, and Tampa to name a few cities. Of Course I enjoy what I do, this is what I was created to do!
Your musical influences
Many people compare my style and message with that of the late 2Pac. I personally say that nobody could ever fill that man shoes, just as 2Pac could never fill my shoes.
What equipment do you use?
Cordless mics, tracks, live bands
Anything else?
For all booking: Contact Adullam House Records P.O.Box 911 Wayne, MI 48184 312-437-3035 P.S. Please mention Sound Click as your reference
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