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Rock and roll, classic rock, Led Zeppelin, Zankt, Guitar rock..
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Since Iv'e Been Loving You
We're Gonna Rule
Old classic redone by ZäNKT now known as "We're Gonna Rule"
ZäNKT’s quest to find a new singer is now over. Enter Leo. A Brazilian native turned Rhode Islander who had the remedy to Keith and Ed’s incomplete band blues. After learning about the band on everyone’s favourite website MySpace.com, Leo took it upon himself to download “Lil Queen” and record vocals on it. The boys from ZäNKT were very impressed with the outcome. Keith said, “Leo took the working title for the song and out of pure desire and talent made his way into the band, just by an email". Due to their difference in location, the band has had to take on a more modern approach to their recording style, by emailing each other material they’ve worked on instead of spending time in the studio. “Imagine Lennon and McCartney in 1967 with emails”, said Keith. So what can be expected from the band now that they have a vocalist who can walk the walk and talk the talk? “We are looking for a bassist who is on the same page as us in all aspects”, said Keith, “bearing influences like John Paul Jones, Jaco Pastorius and Paul McCartney. We want someone who is blues rock based. Loud and Rude!” In the mean time ZäNKT has had the pleasure of having rock veteran and long time friend Randy Gregg (www.RandyGregg.com) lay down some tracks for them until they find a suitable bassist. While finding the final member of this band is not an easy feat, Keith, Ed and Leo remain positive about the situation. They know they are on the brink of something really fresh musically once it all comes together. Keith said when they find the right bassist, “it will complete what is lost in Rock - n Roll today. Unpredictability, danger and some guitar solos!!!!” -Lisa G [Escandela Promotions]
Band/artist history
We are currently looking for a Bassist to join the group. Please enquire!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the moment, no. When we do we have plans to tour trans continental.
Your musical influences
Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Kiss, Beatles, Queen, The Black Crows
What equipment do you use?
Ludwig Drums, Paiste 2002 Cymbals, Fender Basses, Gibson guitars, Marshall Plexi's
Anything else?
"WE LOVE ZaNKT!!!! will some one please grab their nuts and suck it up and become the bassist of the newest greatest band!!! ZaNKT we wish you luck on finding a bassist as soon as possible." -Friends and fans from ValHalla- Quoted from MySpace.com/ZaNKT May 2005
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