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The Randy Savages
The Randy Savages
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THIS IS THE BEST THING ON SOUNDCLICK! Better than Tom Waits on STEROIDS. The Savages will build you up and then bring you down hard. Finish you off with a well
"Hulkaholics Anonymous" is mostly improvisational and chronicles many of Macho and Hulk's most poignant moments. Macho decided to give up being a Rap Phenomenon when sales of his last album, Be A Man, were the lowest in Wal-Mart history. The new album delivers a Classic Rock/Grunge vibe with crude-imprompteau lyrics. Since it's release, "Hulkaholics Anonymous" has been despised by music critics for it's raw sound and on-the-fly lyrics. As well, many former WWF wrestlers have taken legal action against Savage for revealing their sexual and recreational excesses together in great detail. When asked how he felt about sharing his most intimate secrets with all of America, The Macho Man replied: "Well, I'm very excited about everything. This album is something I wanted to do ever since I saw my very first Ratt concert. I always invisioned myself singing into that WWF microphone instead of breaking it over Jake The Snake's head. Some people may be dissapointed in my transition to rock music but, that's really where my heart's always been. I knew when I was in the recording studio that this was, truly, the only waY to chronicle such a prolific career. As far as intimacy goes, I've already been intimate with just about every WWF superstar since the eighties and, in the album, I cover those moments very thouroughly. I don't care if America doesn't understand The Macho Man, it never really has..." While critics say "Hulkaholics Anonymous" is the worst thing since Hulk Hogan and The Wrestling Boot Band, I say The Macho Man always performs. It's obvious after you hear the album, Savage's unrivaled talent and perservation are what continuously fuel America's need for entertainment and excess. In an exclusive radio interview Savage was quoted saying: "If I don't see you buying my album at the record shop this holiday season, I'm gonna smash all your presents, put a pine tree in your butt and hang jingle bells from your nipples. Then, I'm gonna drink some egg nog mixed with a little Pabst Blue Ribbon. Do a few lines of meth and then, when you regain consciousness, I'm gonna wrinse and repeat, OOOOOH YEAH!" -thespoof.com
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Hulks, Hulksters, Hulkamaniacs, and Hulkaholics.
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Let me ask you, Hulkamaniac... Are you ready for the most agonizing fifteen minutes of your life?! Well, get ready, Hulk. Cause it's gonna be a long fall to the bottom of the the garbage can you're crawlin' out of!
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