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Undertoe Productions
Undertoe Productions
14 Tracks
Come get cought up in the Undertoe.
I started the Project in Brasil and for the last 5 years I have worked with a lot of MC's, some are still with me and others just got weeded out. The Undertoe is more like my army of MC's, I produce and they lace the tracks, although most of the songs on right now are mine and performed by me I'll soon be adding more artists to the site. I have been doing this for a minute now and basicaly do it for the love of it, of course it don't mean I wouldn't like to get paid for it, but the oportunity has not presented itself. My roots are in Brasil where most of my contacts are, I was really active in the hip hop movement in Sao Paulo and got to meet all the top acts in my years with the hip hop mag Rap Brasil. I was the author of Rap International out there and also did Radio under the same. Basicaly we are just artits trying to get our work out there and we are up for whatever. Hope you enjoy the jamz.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to play live but for the time being I have not mostly because of lack of time, but its the ultimate rush for any musician to play for the people, at least for me it is... there is nothing like the sound of a few hundred people singing in sync along to your song...Its what makes it all worth it.
Your musical influences
I have a broad musical back round. Early on my great grandad introduced me to Moda de Viola, a brasilian folk type of sound mostly using classical guitar and rhymes. After that my parents introduced me to Funk, Jazz, Blues, MPB (Brasilian Popular Music - Roberto carlos, Caetano Velozo, etc.)Rock, Country, Forro, Repente (A brasilian freestyle older then hip hop itself)Raggae, Classical ( I used to play the cello) and anything else with a rythm. In a few words I love Music.
What equipment do you use?
I use whatever I can get my hands on but for the most part I use my Computer, 8 track anolog, turntables, guitars, synths and so on
Anything else?
Just check for us and give us your input because even bad criticism is constructive as long as we learn to view ourselves from outside the box. So either write to us or just call so we can rap.
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