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EGOevadiggin (EGOed) comprises one third of Colorado’s very own StillCatchinWreck crew and has lived his music alongside his companions since arriving there in
EGOevadiggin (EGOed) comprises one third of Colorados very own StillCatchinWreck crew and has lived his music alongside his companions since arriving there in 1996. EGOed's The Ascetic In Me (TAIM) is the latest release from the Colorado Springs based FEF Recordings. TAIM represents the personal and spiritual connection between Hip-Hop and this front range emcee/producer. Originality and creativity abound throughout this release as EGOed delves deep within and unleashes the primordial flow inside. Production credits for TAIM fall under his guidance as well, aside from Throwspace produced by fellow crew member KoveOne. Other appearances include Dj Cenik (SCW) on cuts and guest vocals on Hermit courtesy of C. Springs veteran Distrakt. As a whole the writing within TAIM is complimented beautifully by its production which serves as a worthy vessel for EGOeds words.
Band/artist history
StillCatchinWreck is best described as a self contained purist HipHop group, producing, writing, and recording all of their own material. They aim to show others that the culture is at its' apex when the art forms that make it up are practiced true to one's own self and apart from the business mentality as much as possible. Hailing from Colorado Springs, Colorado but originally formed by Kove One and EGOed in their hometown of Wichita Falls, TX back in 1995, SCW has been part of the CO HipHop scene for some eight years or more. Shortly after dropping their first 12in Ground Zero in early 2001 they met DJ Cenik from Pueblo's INS crew and the duo quickly became a trio. Since then SCW has continued to create innovative music, spreading it through live performances and releases. 2004 witnessed the long overdue StillCatchinWreck album The Greatest that Never Made It which gained plenty of positive attention and reviews. Next to drop is EGOed's TAIM album on the 7th of December this year... and 2005 will see KoveOne's sophomore effort followed with Dj Cenik's first solo project. Keep those eyes and ears open.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Mostly in my state of Colorado and the surrounding states.
Your musical influences
Hiero, LLcrew, Native Tongues, DITC, Beatminerz, Rakim, Madlib, MF Doom, Beatles, Dinosaur Jr(J Mascis), Minutemen, Peter Tosh, Marley, and PLENTY others...
What equipment do you use?
SP1200, ASR10, Technics 1200
Anything else?
Peep the webspot www.stillcatchinwreck.com also check www.soundclick.com/stillcatchinwreck
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