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Genuine Imitation
Genuine Imitation
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My band is now called ChromeHeart. I joined a couple of years ago playing lead guitar. I currently still play lead guitar. Chris Weidman plays rhythm guitar and Mike Cuenco plays bass. We currently are searching for a drummer and singer who can play in the style of the following bands. Foo Fighters Breaking Benjamins Chevelle Taproot TOOL Etc
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We used to play many shows in the central alabama area but with no singer and drummer, we're kinda out of the loop for a while.
Your musical influences
Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Marty Friedman, Van Halen, Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, U2, Foo Fighters, etc
What equipment do you use?
My guitars include... - Carvin C66 loaded with two dimarzio evolutions and one of carvin's AP11 single coils - Carvin DC135 - Dimarzio tone zone in the bridge and air norton at the neck. My amps include. - I have a Splawn Nitro Head - Crate V3112T Combo - A Carvin valvemaster combo - An Avatar 2X12 with celestion V30's - Carvin Legacy 4X12 - Splawn 4X12 For effects, It's pretty simple. I've sold a lot of them but these are the ones I currently use. - TC Electronics Nova System - Dunlop 535Q wah - Boss CE5 Chorus ensemble pedal - MXR phase 90 - MXR 10 band EQ - A pair of Ernie Ball volume pedals. One for the guitar and one to control the Nova Oh for recording, I use a PC with a Acid pro 6 software, a Sure SM57 and Senhessier E609 mic, both go into a DBX 215 eq if any supplimental eq'ing is called for. then it goes into an ART Digital MPA tube preamp into the PC and out to a pair of M-Audio BX8a monitors.
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