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dave musselman
dave musselman
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guitarplayer ,slight singer songwriter,all styles.
What a Day 4 a Daydream
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I am gonna miss you when your gone
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Evertime You Go Away
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These are mostly home recordings.There are four songs recorded live with band in the studio with me on lead guitar. These studio recordings will be marked with a * . They are one-take first take solos with no safety net. I do all my own backup for the home recordings. I play it,or stepwrite it myself. If you heard it I did it.The one exception to this is ZZ musselman song where I did use a backtrack and ,of course the studio stuff. I like playing my guitar and bass doing covers and instrumentals I wrote . Once in awhile write a song and sing it.These range from pop to metal to blues to bluegrass and weird . I have also included four songs by a band called "the Young Enterprise" at one time or another I have played in different bands with every member of this group except one.They,(the recordings) were taken from a vinyl record,recorded in studio and are fine examples of 60s pop music,especially considering the age of the band (they were kids).They probably are the oldest recordings on Soundclick.They were recorded & produced by Stu Black at the famous Chess studio in Chicago.
Band/artist history
My history with bands is long. All of these bands played gigs for money: 68-69 The Onion Flavored Moustache 69-70 Everett Hyde with Joe Ramerez and Buddy Williams 70-71 Looney Tunes-We played all the Allman bros. jam songs ,complete with guitar harmonies and a lot of Jethro Tull stuff.It was a good band and I was happy for awhile. 71-76 Decided to quit bands and get a real job. 76 Ready or Not. 77-78 Lenny Longo Roadshow/Mudriver Band 78-82 J. B. Spurs-Good band that went through a lot of personel changes.Southern rock western swing. 82 Dan Foral Band-cowboy stuff 82-Cuz-rock 82-83 Lizzie Borden-kick butt southern rock great band,the drummer and singer were crazy brothers.Did skynard to a T. 83-84-Bullseye-pop 84- Fantasy-more pop 84-85- Hurricane-House band, big place ,cowboy music 85-88-The Shoes-yet more pop, Huey Lewis,The Cars Tom Petty ect. 88-Joel Ramerez senior-oldies at the V.F.W. 89-92Jim Harrington and Rowdy Yates band-country music with Jethro Bodiene for the front man. He used to carry girls from the audience on stage to dance. It was fun. 92. Joel Ramerez Senior band and then Joel Ramerez Junior and the All-Stars 92-Stupid house band job at a nice place with a band and audience that could not have cared less. 92-93 Amy Lyn and the Leather Rose band also..One man operation,commonly refered to as a solo act. 93-94 Screamin Hillbillies-a country band with one of the best singers I have ever played with. at the time.also, an un-named band that played a # of gigs. 94 Aint Misbehavin.- I never put more work into something for nothing.It was a fiasco. 95- Prime-Time A very good and classy band. We had a horn section and a great frontman . We also played a full set of authentic mexican music,a lot of funk and pop. 95-Leon and the Neon -another house gig,not a bad band. 96-Cal Stage and Southern Star-Hes got the looks and the sound to be Nashvilles newest great big star. 96-03 Doing a lot of solo act during this period. also yet another house gig with country band played a lot gigs with a hippie jam band called Mr Natural. 03-4 Landslide-rock with a few Fleetwood Mac covers. 05 The Velvet Hammer band-blues band,... 06 to present-08 update: I got a real job and recording music has now become my surrogate band. If the opportunity presents itself to play in another band I will. 2013-did play a number of gigs last year with 2 different bands with some talented people at great venues ,enjoyed it a lot . Hope to do some more this year .
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, about 29 bands in 38 years.In about 25 or so different states,spanning five decades and two millennium .
Your musical influences
Any guitar oriented music from heavy metal to bluegrass. I am basically a rock/blues guitar player.
What equipment do you use?
Gibson ES 339,Carvin bolt kit guitar(built from kit)Fender hot rod Deluxe,pod,Fender bass,Fender Blues Junior amp,Carvin Nomad amp,imitation hollow body Les Paul,Washburn acoustic,Yamaha keyboard,Telecaster,Agile Les Paul,Fender champion 600 amp, Route 66 distortion/compresor pedal,zoom drum machine,Zoom MRS 4 recorder,Boss 8 track recorder,Boss delay pedal,two Shure 57 microphones. mim Strat
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