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Livingroom Legends
Livingroom Legends
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Husband and wife Americana band from Grovetown, Georgia.
Listen to the Livingroom Legends' debut CD, Honeymoon, and fall in love with music all over again!
Band/artist history
Formed by the husband and wife team of Ken and Mindy Stephens in April of 2001, the Livingroom Legends are a unique Americana/alt. country duo. Mindy plays bass and sings. Ken plays guitar, sings, and plays harmonica. The drum beats for their initial live shows were provided by a Yamaha PSR-270 keyboard that Ken operated with a footswitch. And while this is still an occasional practice, Ken and Mindy have met a number of musicians in the area who join them regularly on stage. However, John Bennett and Scott Corliss (both of Augusta band the Vellotones) have become band regulars over the past couple years. Ken and Mindy have two daughters, 6 years and 16 months. Their 2002 full-length CD, Honeymoon, has been met with critical praise. Their follow-up release, Heart & Bars, has been recorded and mixed, and awaits the packaging process.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live as much as possible. Lately that's a couple times a month. Most of our playing (we are approaching our 94th show together), has been in the Augusta, Georgia area, but we have ventured out to Columbia, South Carolina and Atlanta. We love playing live! Wish we could do it more! Opening for Caitlin Cary in 2002 was exciting! Playing at the Imperial Theatre is exciting (every time)! Winning First Place at the Augusta Chronicle Songwriting Contest in September 2004 was VERY exciting!
Your musical influences
We like and listen to a lot of different things, but most people have said we remind them of the Birds, REM, the Beatles even. It's probably because of our harmonies, and our simple approach. Ken was probably most influenced by his parents' 60's country records, singing in church, Elvis, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones (in that order). Mindy loved Carol King, the Carpenters and Elton John early on.
What equipment do you use?
Ken plays a Fender Telecaster through a Fender Deluxe tube amp. Lee Oskar or Hohner harmonicas. Mindy plays a fretless Dean Rhapsody bass through either her Behringer 1200 amp, or whatever large contraption the band we're opening for lets her play through.
Anything else?
Please buy our CD. All proceeds go to the children. OUR children! 8)