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The most disgusting Gore-Black metal band... ever.
We are Necorgorica, and we are probably more disgusting than you.
Band/artist history
Necrogorica was conceived in a drunken rage on a chilly October evening when now-Keydrummer Necrokrusher stumbled around and eventually shattered the world record for most vomitting in a single minute (352 times) onto the keys of a keyboard that was coincidentally set on the drum setting, creating horrendous blast beats. Guitarist/bassist GoreAxe was enchanted by the magical sounds, and immediately began writing some of the most evil riffs ever created while violently spasming. Meanwhile, their dear friend Corpsegargler was minding his own business, drinking his daily gallon of Corpsejuice, when GoreAxe's violent thrashings became completely out of control and he stabbed the head of his guitar into the abdomen of Corpsegargler, and inadvertantly disemboweled him. Corpsegargler has since recovered, and is also the only person on record to survive a disemboweling, which has given him the remarkable ability to make the most disgusting growls and the most piercing screams ever heard by human ears. Thus, the train wreck into a nearby gas station known as Necrogorica was born.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Necrogorica plays live when given the opportunity. However, it is normally highly discouraged by local authorities, due to the sheer number of casualties from our shows.
Your musical influences
It is difficult to tell what exactly Necrogorica's influences are, mainly because the songs are written when the band members are in heroin-induced comas during full moons.
What equipment do you use?
Necrogorica rarely has the ability to use the same equipment twice, because after recording sessions or live performances everything is covered in vomit and will no longer function properly.
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