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Baybee Invincible
Baybee Invincible
2 Tracks
Vuadeville of rock, southern punk rock stage show of horror, side show pop and serious lyrics about love hate and sex.
A vaudville of rock!
Band/artist history
At an early age Baybee was introduced to the world of experimentation. Her mother and father were scientists for the everglow corperation. Soon after her parents began a radiaton experiment on a couple of male baboons in their basement, tragity struck. It looked as though the bars of the cages were knawed in half and the subjects were on the loose destroying everything in their path. Baybee's parents were exposed to enormous amounts of radiation when some glass containers were knock over in the scuffle. Baybees parents did not survive. Sound aspleep upstairs Baybee was abducted by the green glowing radioactive baboons. As if she were their own the baboons took her under their wing and taught her survival in the wild. Over the years the radiation of the baboons exposed to baybee causing abnormal growth of hair, multiple genitaliae evolution and a distinct baboon like paling of skin. In her teen years the woods became smaller as urban sprawl progressed. When almost all the trees in baybees habitat were being removed for a shopping mall she was discovered by a very very strong logger who took her under his wing and taght her human understanding and how to chop down trees. This was a very heartwarming time for baybee and she grew up like the rest of us from that point on, without baboons. When baybee turned 18 she decided it was time to travel and see the world, in order to discover all that she has not seen at that point. Baybee ran off with a traveling carnival and worked in a bust the ballon game booth. This was a very good learning experience for baybee. She made friends with all the guys in the freak shows and when they learned of her "speacial skills" she was brought into their side of the carnival. The voices shouted throughout the freak section about the two headed beast and for 2 bucks baybee would drop her pants and show it to you. She did this over 50 times a day and when word got out she quickly became an international star. Over the next ten years Baybee would be introduced to the film world and star in several b-grade films including, "DOLLYBABY" "MARTIAN INVADERS" and the 1983 hit "ALEX IN WONDERLAND". But it was not all glitz and glamour for Baybee. Along with her fast paced stardom came additction and affliction. She was introduce to alcahol slowly and had gotten so out of control with her drinking by her second film that she had to be instiutionalized for detoxifacation. Once she was released she fought her cravings for alcahol with other vices, her most infamous being SEX! Baybee left hollywood and moved down south where she continued her film career in freak style pronography. In just two years she starred in over 100 x-rated films including, "CHAIN GANG GANG BANG" "DOUBLE HEADER" and her most infamous "BLOWING CHUNKS". The Adult entertainment world satisfied Baybee however it also brought danger. Due to the same abnormalities that made her famous, she was beaten, whipped, tortured, and humiliated by the producers of these films, by her fellow actors and in the end by her own fans and the public eye. This was way too much for the two headed vixen to handle. She disappeared for many years, unheard of and forgotten................ UNTIL NOW...... Baybee has left the woods once again and is planning on telling the world how cruel they are and how sexy she is. She has made an oath to change things through understanding and pure sexual pleasure through song. She has many fetishes and will use them if she has too. This is a whole new world and Baybee Invincible is gonna fuck it. BUT... NOT ALONE Baybee has gathered other mutants that have all suffered the same long prosethic arm of society and together have built a league of super hero villians. Together they vow to save rock and roll among other things. NOONE CAN STOP THEM FOR THEY ARE ALL INVINCIBLE
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, everywhere, yes every moment is special.
Your musical influences
we are influenced by alot .... Rolling Stones - Crazy world of Aurther Brown - The Unsatisfied - Hank III - Devo - Alice Cooper - Iggy & The Stooges - Sex Pistols - GnR - Tiny Tim - Flock of seagulls - Dead Boys - Elvis - Hank the first - Roxy Music - Fear - Screaching Weasle - WIZARD OF OZ - Black sabbath - AcDc - Bessie Smith - Frank Zappa - ALL THINGS COOL AND GROOVY THAT SOUND NUTHIN LIKE US!
What equipment do you use?
I use art! thats right I build gadgety art props and use them in my shows.
Anything else?
I am getting pretty wet over here.