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TheOne (DE)
TheOne (DE)
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Since 1999, TheOne has been putin in work with this music career starting off with the group logo to come out as a solo artist now. It starts at the age 13 in 7th grade summer school class when TheOne picked up the pen and paper and wrote his first rap and kicking freestyles against other classmates at the end of the class to be the Freestyle champ for 5 wks straght untill he quit summer school.. from there on out he knew that he would not only be something one day but had the feeling that this is what he wanted so he continued writing throughout the years.. in 2000' he released LOGO the mixtape with only 5 songs Self Produced along with Artist Jel and Two-Bit which created a buzz in the 8th grade hallways from the teachers to the students and created more self confidence to make him rise to much more as Producing Mixtapes for artist throughout the delaware area.. It wasnt untill 2004 when he finally realized it was time to start grindin and stop worrying about others when he decided he will no longer produce other artist and only work on himself to get his Lyrical/Producing/Musical skill up to compete with these artist in the industry.. from there on out he would then produce his solo mixtapes " Unsigned Hype Mixtape Vol.1, Strictly for the Streetz mixtape Vol.2, Mixtape Vol.3, and TheGrind Vol.1 " within a 2 year process. (These Mixtapes are FREE to Download on this site) Now you can find him all over the Delaware Area Grindin trying to help put delaware on the map as a solo artist still producing himself as well as other Local artist from his area such as Osoma,211,Calaber,Breeze and soon to be " Cali ".. he has inspired Many such as Dblock,BC,YoungE,Fresh and others.. pushing himself to the limit to get rich or die trying theres no telling what could be next from this kid.. In 06' he will Release 4 CDs including a DVD something NO other Delaware Artist has done and is planning on taking the underground rap industry in delaware by storm. Look out for TheGrind vol.1 on the street and " No Snitchin Over here, TheGrind Vol.2/TheGrind DVD " Due this summer! you can check out DVD footage at www.youtube.com search for TheGrind and you can also catch him on www.myspace.com/theonede
Band/artist history
from the age 13 the summer of 99' and on...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i dont play live yet but soon to be...
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Apex 420 Microphone, Korg Triton keyboard, Computer programs such as Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and Fruity loops (newest version)
Anything else?
Anyone in the Delaware area lookin to get on Mixtapes i got free open spots if your looking to record your own mixtape i charge $100 for as many songs as you want.. Contact me at DelawaresTheOne@aol.com or www.myspace.com/theonede
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