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Reconstructed death metal from Romania.
AVSKILD is a pretty young death metal band from Bucharest, who's goal is to reconstruct the Romanian death metal image.
Band/artist history
AVSKILD is one of the youngest metal bands in Romania, for the moment, being lined-up by one quite experienced guitarist actively involved in the Romanian metal scene. Former member of KRATOS, Marius has put the basement of the band in September 2002, getting Stefan on the bass and starting to write the songs for the first album. In the fall of year 2003, AVSKILD band is completed by joining Tase on drums (ex. Onderah and Adrenaline, being, currently, also the drummer of Kratos), Fane on lead guitars (ex. Irkala and Adrenaline) and Nicu on vocals (ex. Web), all experienced guys and active in the Romanian Metal Scene. In the late February 2004, the band loses Stefan on bass and gets Sep, who is now a permanent member of the band. AVSKILD was based to bring a new breath to the Romanian and (why not) to the Death Metal world wide. With a new conception concerning songs structure and message itself, AVSKILD is supposed to be(come) one solitary group in its area.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We played live mostly in Romania (Bucharest, Craiova, so far). Upcoming gigs will take place in Austria, probably Germany and some neighbouring countries.
Your musical influences
Some influences could be found in bands like Death, Bolt Thrower, Slayer, Behemoth, At The Gates, Benediction.