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Harper Blue
Harper Blue
8 Tracks
Pagan rock band with heavy blues and classic rock influences.
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Tommorow Will Never Die
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Feelin' So Blue
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To Kill a Tree
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Druid's Moon
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Harper Blue is a Lorain area Pagan Rock and Blues. For live shows our material primarily consists of classic rock and oldies covers, but we perform a very wide range of material. Our originals very from melodic Pagan Rock (spiritually based music based on the Pagan faith and beliefs) to basic blues and all are written by either Katy Markus-Walczak or James "Tim" Walczak.
Band/artist history
Harper Blue has evolved a great deal over the years, but has always been the "dream child" of Katy and Tim Walczak. We have ranged from a full 5 piece electric outfit to a 2 piece "unplugged" version of the band. Notable members have included guitarist/keyboardist Jim Mumford, guitarist Adrian Robbins, backing vocalist (and inspiration) Lori Robbins, and drummer and dear friend Kevin Fitzgerald. Kind thanks and the best of wishes also go out to George and Nick Sayer of Luxembourg without whom none of this would have ever happened...thanks!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
While we have taken something of a hiatus from the stage, Harper Blue has played a variety of venues in the Lorain Ohio area ranging from different bars and clubs to "Earth Song", a Pagan/alternative music festival. Any time we get to share our music with people and have them enjoy it is "special" :-)
Your musical influences
Our musical influences vary greatly ranging from the works of Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin and The Who, to incredible groups and performers such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks, ZZ Top, Sting, and various other classic rock performers, etc.. While most of our material isn't exactly what most people would consider "blues" we do have a very strong foundation with blues styles of music. As song writters we have drawn on various attributes of the incredible performers and as we have grown and evolved we even find ourselves drawing on our own work...we like the music we create and hope that others will too!
What equipment do you use?
Equipment varies from recording to recording, but guitars include Fender Stratocaster, Kramer Striker, Seagull S-6 acoustic, Ovation and others. We use a great deal of Behringer equipment both on the stage and in the studio and are strong supporters of their products. We also use a variety of software based "synths" and recording applications.
Anything else?
While we are listed as "Goth Rock" here on Soundclick.com I would again like to take a moment and say that we are more of a Pagan Rock group with deep roots in the blues. Much of what we do comes from a Goddess and Earth based spirituality but is heavily influenced by contemporary classic rock.
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