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Joda. a single artist from the east coast. residence in the state of Maryland. produces Downbeat, Ambient, Reggae, House, Trip Hop, Drum 'n' Bass, Hip Hop, etc
my music is created soley by myself.i live in maryland. i can't stand it. i would love to move to a big city like New York, to become a DJ, or somewhere more tropical. i have various music producing companions that i have ties with to have experience with, and provide feedback for me.
Band/artist history
i was first introduced to music as a newborn child. my first musical experience was listening to Bob Marley as an infant. i give the godfather of reggae major respect, and thank him greatly for his musical influence on my entire life. my next experience would be in the third grade. i was given the chance to start a musical insrument in school. i remember that day that i decided. i decided to be a percussionist. that decision has stuck with me for my entire life. i have also taken violin up to 6th grade, and trumpet for a year, also in 7th grade. i am now a senior in high school. currently still a dedicated percussionist. a percussionist for almost ten years now. i got into electronic music production at the age of 11. i had almost no knowledge of the electronic music production industry at the time. i began the process of self-teaching. this is where i am now. being a pecussionist, along with the early influence of Bob Marley has wielded me into a self taught, continuously learning, musician. through all of these years of percussion, music, and experience has gotten me where i am today. that is a pretty brief summary of my lifes musical experiences.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
not live... yet (laughing)
Your musical influences
Genres: Reggae, Downbeat/Downtempo, Latin, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, etc. -pretty much anything with an offbeat
What equipment do you use?
its not the best, but it gets me what i need: a computer, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Series computer sound cards, Pearl drums, Vic Firth sticks, Fender electric and Ibanez acoustic guitars, crate amp Logitech brand speaker unit, KLH speakers, Sony DJ Series headphones, Audio Technica mics, Nady cassette tape mixer, iRiver mp3 player,
Anything else?
Thank you to all who have gotten me where i am today! my father and mother for enforcing me in what i do, rob for being one of my "homies" in music prod., [Dutrow, Ellis, Critcher, & Clapton] (you have all given me something valuable) my friends for support and feedback, and to my equiptment for being there when i need you most (laughs)
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