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Negative Inc
Negative Inc
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Founded in October of 2003, Negative Inc is a explosive, high energy original rock band based in Thompson, Manitoba. With member influences ranging from Joh
Founded in October of 2003, Negative Inc is a explosive, high energy original rock band based in Thompson, Manitoba.
Band/artist history
With member influences ranging from Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin to Pantera and Black Label Society, Negative Incs sound has developed into a very unique one. With songs Fallen and Sticky Feet receiving steady air play on various formatted Radio Stations around Canada, Negative Inc is already creating a small buzz around the Canadian Music Scene, earning them opening duties with High Profile groups such as Swollen Members. With earning the respect of their Fans, Peers and industry professionals, Negative Inc has never overlooked their passion to deliver a truly energetic live performance, that is both versatile and entertaining. These guys play bars and clubs that are 400 people, yet they act like its Madison Square Garden every night - Don Barkman, Music Director Arctic Radio Ltd. Negative Inc is fronted by Jasyn Lucas, a talented and resourceful vocalist. His stage persona and high energy antics, grabs audiences and wont let go, making sure that he has there undivided attention. Doug Sollis provides the solid rythmic crunch. His metal and rock influenced playing along with lighting fast and accurate solos, make audiences scream for more. Ed Dusecina is the icing on the cake that is Negative Inc. His melodic solos draw crowds into a different world, while his tone is sharp and colorful without sacrificing raw energy and drive. Shane Murray provides the musical foundation. Shanes unique sound and style, which comes from various influences ranging from Funk to Heavy Metal, delivers a smooth, tight rhythm with beefy overtones. Tim Brewer supplies the thunderous driving beat. His Rock, Metal and Funk influences kick out a powerful onslaught, clean musical dynamics and a solid powerful groove. With plans on releasing their debut album Delayed by January of 2005, Negative Inc plans to take their high energy music on the road, and show the rest of Canada what they have been missing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we have played live a few times, we love to do it, if we could do it as a career we all would. Our crowning achievement so far is getting the opportunity to open up for The Swollen Members.
Your musical influences
All members have a wide range of influences. From Neil Young and Johnny Cash, to Pantera and Metallica. And everything in between. You will just have to hear us and make your own decision.
What equipment do you use?
Negative Inc. uses the following equipment: Berhinger, Traynor and Gallien Krueger Guitar and Bass Amplifiers Epiphone, Ibanez and Fender Guitars Warwick Basses Digitech, Berhinger and Korg Pedals and Tuners Pearl Drums and Accessories Tama Pedals Gibralter Hardware Sabian and Wuhan Cymbals Vic Firth and Rimshot Drumsticks Molson Canadian, Coors Light, Kokanee, Diet Pepsi
Anything else?
As for the time being, we are headed back into the studio to try and finish up the long awaited album. Keep your ear to the ground for more news!
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