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Eye-Me and the Royal Skavengers
Eye-Me & the Royal Skavengers, Punk-Ska, Tacloban Band
3 songs
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WASO (Tacloban TV Theme song)
Tacloban TV Theme Song, Instrumental
Lovers Of Cancabato
Band/artist history
June 2003: It all began in Tacloban City when Aimee Delgado started jamming with her brother Derek's band. She tapped Jean-Paul Verona who was at that time one of Campo Xanto's guitarist, to play guitar with Derek's band as a project performance in Ormoc city on December 2003. After the success of that performance, Aimee decided to visualize and form her own band...a roster of musicians dedicated to play in the Punk-Ska genre. Jean-Paul, who was designated to be this band's guitarist, tapped his brother Alfred Verona as keyboardist and Carl Solite as bassist. Both musicians played drums and bass respectively as members of "Happy Hunting Grounds," a rock-oriented band. Initially they sought for Kevin, of Dread's Pot and Campo Xanto to be their drummer, however he was unable to due to his sessioning with so many bands. Luckily they were able to get an equally talented drummer, Wawie Cabelin of Lost Semen Reunion. Aimee and Jean-Paul wanted a unique and real "Ska" feel for the band, so they decided to get musicians for a brass section. Their search for young and talented musicians on brass in Tacloban was difficult, but eventually they met and tapped Dindo Elona and Marvin Barbo, who played in a jazz band called Temporary, for sax and trumpet. ----------------------------- March 2004: The birth of the band "Eye-Me." They started off successfully with initial gigs in the "Guli-at Kankabato Tour." Taclobanons were surprised to have seen the performance of first Punk-Ska band of the city's local music scene. Since then, the band ascended with more and more gigs and local projects. ----------------------------------------------------- June 2004: For personal reasons, the members wanted to temporarily change the band name for a local competition produced by Brainstorm Promotions, "Sarap Mag Banda 2 -Battle of the Bands" for the Pintados Festival. Having trouble on deciding for a temporary name, Dennis (Aimee's eldest brother) was able to dub the band with an improved name which they use to this date..."Eye-Me & the Royal Skavengers." Their outlandish and genuine performance earned them to bag the top prize as the Grand Winner. ------------------------------- July 2004: The band decided to try their luck and join the Red Horse Beer Musiklaban 2004. They again won in the Eastern Visayas Elimination round in Tacloban City, together with Phat32 and Dread's Pot. ---------------- August 2004: In the Visayas Semi-Final round of the Red Horse Beer Musiklaban 2004 staged in Cebu, the band speculated that they may not make it due to the high-impact performances of bands from Iloilo, Cebu and Dumaguete. However, the band was mistakenly surprised when they were announced as the RHB Muziklaban '04 Visayas Area Champion. ------------------ Sept 2004: For the RHB Musiklaban Grand Finals, Eye-Me & the Royal Skavengers stayed for almost a week in Manila for the event's media campaign. First ever for a band from Tacloban to represent the Visayas for this event. In the Finals Night held in Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City, the band gave an unforgettable performance witnessed by a huge crowd of thousands. The only band with a different sound among seven other competitors. Sadly, they were not able to win, but they were considered by other musicians as one of the best performers of that event. ---------------- Although not winning the Red Horse Beer Musiklaban '04 Finals, the band continues to play a genuine and unique blend of Punk-Ska, matched with ground-breaking onstage performance. Due to the highlights of the band's experiences, they oftenly perform in Region 8, and get invitations to perform in other areas in the Visayas. Lately, the band is setting legworks to record an Album or EP, and for some songs that may be added for the "Island Riddims 2" compilation which is set to be released tentatively next year.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play live of course! Hehehe.
What equipment do you use?
LIVE: Washburn, Ibanez, Fender, Yamaha, Digitech, Zoom, BOSS, Morley, Pearl, Sabian, D' Addario, Ernie Ball, Mariposa STUDIO: Fender, Marshall, Peavey, Soundcraft, Alesis, Behringer, Nady, Shure, BBE, DBX, MOTU, LaGermania Gas Stove (used for cooking Lucky-Me Pancit Canton!)
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