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Frozen Mist
Frozen Mist
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A dark melodic fantasy metal project that will send chilling scars down your spine with haunting & beautiful vocals merged with wicked melodic music!
Dark Melodic Fantasy Metal = mixtures, elements & influences of gothic, black, doom, death, melodic, technical, speed, thrash, progressive, acoustic, and of course... fantasy. Frozen Mist started as a solo project in February 2004, because I felt a need to write music and to support the metal scene by utilizing a few PC programs to compose the music. It is an ongoing process. I write all original music and all original lyrics. Musically & lyrically, Frozen Mist is a genre of music that I classify as "Dark Melodic Fantasy Metal." Frozen Mist is influenced by bands such as Overkill, Serpentia, Orphanage and The Project Hate MCMXCIX just to name a few. A year later in the wintery beginnings of 2005, I've drastically changed my music styles bent on more of lush fantasy and beautiful horror environments from my mind onto pieces of paper and into the music that I write. Frozen Mist is the perfect balance of horror and beauty. A few internet collaborations from women online have helped out with vocals in the past which has given Frozen Mist that sort of "gothic" feel torwards the music with their swinging, yet beautiful operatic/soprano melodies. The Frozen Mist album entitled "Weeping Redolence" released right after Christmas 2005 has really turned some heads on quite a few people. The very first official review has been written by Matt Hensch and can be read over at his review site . The "Godforsaken" album released on August 19th, 2006 features front cover photomanipulation artwork done by Amanda Abram and matches exactly very well with the lyrics and music for this CD. The lyrical content behind "Godforsaken" is simply about desolation, isolation, complete hatred and infinite sadness. Matt Hensch's review for this CD can be viewed over . The "Sapphiric" CD was pretty much a rush job. I started work on this during the "Godforsaken" sessions because I have recieved new guitar samples in the summer of 2006 and really wanted to quickly experiment with them. My vocals, in my opinion, are not up to par with say the "Godforsaken" CD because I just want to get this "Sapphiric" album out of the way, hence its release in late October 2006. After the release of "Sapphiric," Jamie decided it was time to move forward with the band. So in November 2006, Walt Davis from Ditch Driven was asked to join Frozen Mist and play lead guitar for the band. During the winter months of 2006-2007, there has been several lineup changes with trying to find a permanent female vocalist. So finally in June 2007, Jamie puts out an advert banner on trying to find a "permanent" replacement in the Williamsport/Lycoming County area. With absolutely no luck from the banner, Jamie's last resort was to ask the haunting female soprano voice of Katarina Rose from the "Godforsaken" album to rejoin for the new CD, thus Frozen Mist is reborn!! The brand new work in progress album, solely entitled "Dark Seasons Of Sorrow" is a huge change musically. It will feature quite a bit of progressive and technical thrash with off-time signatures. We are also looking in to getting this album professionally mastered. Expect this CD to be released sometime in 2007. The complete artwork is used by permission and is done by Heiðrún Þórðardóttir. : - lead vox, rhythm guitar, bass, lead drums, keys. - vox, melodies. - lead guitar. January 15, 2007: Brand new solo-side project entitled featuring Jamie of Frozen Mist doing all of the instruments and vocals has just been born. Check it out and add it to your SoundClick!! Also Brumous is available on . October 29, 2006: New lineup change, due for next Frozen Mist album in Late 2007. September 13, 2006: A little late on this, but here is the official review for "Godforsaken." !! August 19, 2006: "Godforsaken" is released today!! I am also currently working on new material for the next Frozen Mist album. May 17, 2006: The First Official Frozen Mist Review has been done for "Weeping Redolence." You can view it in the review section or the official site where it was originally done ! Thanx!! January 31, 2006: Created a Frozen Mist Myspace account for all to check out more on the band's progress. .
Band/artist history
I started writing lyrics from my old garage bands I was in from 1994 called . My profession was always lead vox and drums. I started playing drums in 1990 mainly because I love Neil Peart's style (Rush, for those who do not know who "NP" is). I just wanted to be like him. Then in 1997, I started a 2-piece side project with Matt Dunkleberger who played guitar and we called ourselves . Both "Mazzey" and "Wicked Sandbox" died around the summer of 2000. Our style was a mixture of grunge & thrash metal. We only played in our garages/basements and had very few local people that showed up, but nothing really too spectacular. In the year 2002, I started experimenting with music composing programs on the computer. Their were a few drum machine programs, but I was looking for more composure including guitars, bass, the whole 9 yards so-to-speak... I'm married and got 2 kids under my belt, so I really don't have the extra time to go play out and jam like I used to. So now in my spare time after work and spending time with the family, this is what I do now. The "Frozen Mist" solo project was born in early 2004 and it has become a legacy of mine in which I love creating this music experience with diverse and complex rhythms for now and for many years to come. The lyrics I write mostly talk about a succubus and myself being involved in her life and the fact that I'm so in love with her, but she's just an image that I fear and can't bring to life. In my mind, I picture haunted pure green forests and lush lavender fields in the middle of a gothic place called Capcomia. My first 2 CD's I composed sorta reminds you of a King Diamond lyrical theme, based upon me telling a story throughout my lyrics starting from the first track to the last. Then when I made my 3rd CD entitled , my music style changed dramatically. I added new instruments such as a better sounding snare drum, a custom crash cymbal catch, tom-toms, electro hi-q's, synth pads and a quite a few backround effects. Even now, my wife and alot of my friends tell me my music style is maturing with each new CD that I make. :) Dark Seasons Of Sorrow (Coming in 2007) Sapphiric (October 28, 2006) Godforsaken (August 19, 2006) Melancholic Willows (CD-Single Promo) (July 22, 2006) foreshadowed (April 8, 2006) Weeping Redolence (December 26, 2005) Marionette's tears (Single-CD) (November 24, 2005) Cemetery Rain II: The Melodic Darkness Diary (November 19, 2005) Traverse Thru Realms Of Nevermore (August 21, 2005) Ethereal Eternity EP (July 25, 2005) Past Seasonal Hallucinations (July 16, 2005) Obnubilate Compendia EP (June 26, 2005) Pillars Of A Scornful Creation EP (June 18, 2005) Resonate (May 6, 2005) winterasylum (February 18, 2005) Cemetery Rain (December 28, 2004) October Harvest (October 17, 2004) The 5th Season (August 16, 2004) Return To Capcomia (May 4, 2004) Nightmares of the Autumn Succubus (April 7, 2004) Fatal Dream DEMO (February 2004)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nope, this is strictly a recording/studio band only.
Your musical influences
Overkill, Serpentia, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Opera IX, King Diamond, Septic Flesh, Dark Lunacy, Nevermore, etc. Death, Black, Gothic, Technical, Progressive, Funeral Doom, Thrash, Acoustic, etc, etc, etc...
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 8. Gibson Les Paul guitar samples. Fender Precision bass. Sonor drums w/ Remo heads Sabian hats, chinas & cymbals. Casio LK-43 keyboard.
Anything else?
Post on the message board and let us know what you think! * Wicked kick ass SoundClick bands & other projects: Stay dark & wicked!
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