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Bristol, CT  USA
November 19, 2004
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Attention: If anyone is tempted to steal one of my beats and sell it, or use it without permission in a song to gain a profit..fuck, even post it on their page as their own and take the credit for it in another fashion, I maintain valid evidence as to when I began working with the piece, finished working with the piece, every block contained inside of the piece individually, and the list goes on. In other words, I'm not stupid. I will sue you and win my case because I will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the creation is in fact my own. I will then in turn request to be compensated for what you have taken from me. The page is here so that I could share my music with anyone who might be interested. I do sell my beats, and I will give you a very reasonable price if you want to make a purchase. Also, if you link me up to your page, and upon further listening I think you could accent one of my instrumentals on a positive level, chances are that I will respond to your requests, and may be willing to provide favors. My contact is jobeyrm@yahoo.com...e-mail me to let me know what you think about my music or to purchase some of my music for personal use. Custom music is also available; as I try to fit my own mold, you can expect something along the lines of the sound I usually utilize, nothing more, nothing less. Needless to say, everybody who has made purchases from me in the past has been 100% satisfied; I've never gotten a single complaint....ever. Be aware that everything that is posted on this website is not the original/finest quality available...and is significantly brought down in quality for personal insurance purposes. If you planned on making a purchase, understand you would be sent the audio information any format you'd like to recieve it in...no restrictions...and the sound will obviously be much higher in quality.
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