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Believe -The Dirty Grimey
The Hottest New Arrival To Hip Hop In Years
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Recorded @ Mothership Studios Atlanta GA
'Stand Strong'
Purchase 'The Dirty Grimey Lp' for only $9.99 when you buy directly from the Dirtygrimey.com Store! (Main page)
In the Beginning
Recorded @ Mothership Studios Atlanta GA Production by: Believe
Purchase 'The Dirty Grimey Lp' for only $9.99 when you buy directly from the Dirtygrimey.com Store! (Main page)
The Coming
Recorded @ Mothership Studios Atlanta GA Production by: Believe
13 songs
21 songs
*WATCH BELIEVE's NEW INTERVIEW BY CLICKING ON "LINKS"* The New Album: "Birth of a King" Realese Date: MARCH 1st, 2007 BELIEVE (CEO and Premier Artist of Dirty Grimey Entertainment) has returned with what is destined to be a Hip Hop classic. In a time when many claim that Hip Hop is dead, Believe has decided to answer that statement with a masterpiece that is sure to make Hip Hoppers worldwide rejoice. "I wanted to make a project that would be similar to the stuff I grew up on. This is an album, not a collection of songs but a REAL album. You can pop this disc in and let it ride - it's that good front to back. You won't find a rapper than can out-write me" Also, In addition to his role of Lyricist, Believe also produced arranged and recorded the entire project. "I usually enlist a team of producers and engineers for each project but this one was really personal for me. There are things I wanted to say and issues I wanted to deal with that I just felt I was able to better communicate myself. I suppose I also wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of rising to the challenge." After one listen to "Birth of a King," few would dare doubt any of this young talent's abilities. The New Album "Birth of a King" by Believe will be available in CD form or Mp3 Download @ www.DirtyGrimey.com on March 1st, 2007 HAPPY NEW YEAR from Dirty Grimey Entertainment! Here's what you can expect... Jan 10, 2007 First of all we would like to thank everyone for supporting "The Dirty Grimey Lp" and making 2006 a successful year for Dirty Grimey Entertainment. Our website and online store "www.DirtyGrimey.com" recieved over 25,000 hits last year keeping sales of the "The Dirty Grimey Lp" steady since it's release. We hope you will continue to show your support in 2007 as we continue to grow and do our best to provide you with newer and greater entertainment. Believe is currently in the studio recording several projects which include the long awaited group effort from "The Union All-Stars", A collabrative effort featuring production from Koda Dixon, as well as the new solo project "Birth Of A King" solely produced by Believe himself!!! As if all that was not enough, Believe is also playing the role of Executive Producer on the upcoming project from Requiem in 5th entitled "The Great Acoustic Experiment." In addition 2006 was the year that marked the unvailing of "Dirty Grimey T.V." (Thanks for the wonderful feedback) and this year you can look for more of the same outrageous and informative videos as it is our pleasure to bring them to you. In closing, I again would like to say thank you for your support and wish everyone a happy and productive new year!!! "Blessed are all they that put their trust in God." -BIO- "Believe" is the CEO and Premier artist with Dirty Grimey Entertainment and is no rookie when it comes to music. After the release of his first Self-Titled EP, who would dare argue? Previous years of working in his father's studio, musician Walter Harvey Sr., sparks Believe’s acceptance of him as chief musical influence. In addition, Believe has enjoyed years of collaboration with TP5, Gra Grittz, Phriidome, and 8th Gate. He is now preparing for the release of his 2nd full-length album "Birth of a King" Artist: Believe Album: The Dirty Grimey Lp Label: Dirty Grimey Entertainment It’s official: hip hop today is in a bad state. With songs like ‘Laffy Taffy’ and movements like Hyphy, the future of the rap world looks bleak. That is, until now. It’s been three years since Believe dropped his self-titled debut EP, the result of this hiatus is ‘The Dirty Grimey Lp’. With two hot tracks already gaining underground success in Atlanta (‘Trap Hustla’ and ‘Bang Bang’) Believe appears to be onto a winner. It’s been three years since his last release and the rap game has undergone some major changes. No one knows this more than the man himself. On ‘The Dirty Grimey Lp’, the S.C. native (and current Atlanta resident) comes at the rap game hard. His beats and lyrics are mind blowing and one of a kind. Flawless track selection along with his amazing songwriting skills help the upcoming star to shine on his full-length debut, one that should not be overlooked by any true fan of urban music. Yes, Believe is back with a 21-track album to wet the appetite of a nation of rap listening lovers. The new album contains well laid out tracks with beats that blend perfectly with Believe’s diverse rap style. The production ranges from heavy southern style beats to hard core hip hop tracks and also includes Believe’s signature sound he aptly calls “Futuristic-Crunk”. (Listen for it on songs such as ‘One Time’ and the sexually charged ‘My Room.’) Believe’s unique and flowing hardcore lyrics are shown early on in tracks such as ‘Stomp’ and ‘Carolina Heat’, where Believe displays more of his street edge. From there, he also puts emphasis on songs relating to his struggle growing up in the south with records such as ‘All I Needed.’ In all, this album is FULL of hot tracks start to finish. A unique and amazing album by a ground breaking, articulate artist. ‘The Dirty Grimey Lp’ is nothing short of a triumphant "return" for one of Atlanta’s most revered underground emcees. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Make no mistake ‘The Dirty Grimey Lp’ is a classic debut and definitely worth a place in your collection. Reviewed by: Ian Corgan
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