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Indian in the machine
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Hey Ya Ho (edit)
Here's a song I love singing to...a native inspired song, with chant, big drums, with some techno bits... entire song can be downloaded in high quality at CDBaby featured on "Warrior Ignition" CD.
As One
I love this song so much, I wanted to sing it with Denean... I listen to this over and over.... hear her original version... http://www.denean.com/
The sounds of soul awakening
www.indianinthemachine.com Layers of vocals chanting, mixed in with irish bouzouki and bass pad sound. I like it!
Mother me (Tracy Lundgren wIndian in the machine)
Sacred music inspired by the divine feminine. Originally written and recorded by Tracy Lundgren....added vocals by Dieter. www.soundclick.com/tracylundgren.
St Germain Greets The Freedom Fighters
A Channeling On The Magical Shamanic Drumming And
Well, I haven't been on this site for while, but thought to do a bit of an update. I've kept some favorite tracks going, and hope you enjoy them.
Band/artist history
My latest music can be found at bandcamp, and at Indian's Spirit Shop at www.indianinthemachine.com Latest project, "Radiate"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Something interesting... is that I was literally a professional paid musician from the ages of 9 to 11 years old. We played for groups as large as a few hundred people and played 4 sets of well practiced material.
Your musical influences
Right now, I love the psychill, psytrance, tribal chill categories.
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THIs is clear spring water to my soul......THis is quite beautiful......I would love to colab with you sometime...I play keys ...I play a rockin autoharp ...Keyboards are my chosen instrument and I sing vocals and harmonies....I would love to put this to lyric and sing upon it...if its okay... please let me know..Faunaserene
this means so much.....Love is all....Love is all......beautiful drum arrangement Denean s vocals are bright and evocative......THis is amazing.........My heart loves earth...and is frightened of her at the same time......she is immense a force of greatness......THIs is quite beautiful....BLessings to you... Faunaserene
WHAT A TRUE ART!........... JON:)
Im speechless...I feel THIS IN MY HEART! WHAT A FEELING... THAnk YOU!...ALL! JON:)
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