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Nuff X
Nuff X
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A eccentric mix of Breaks, Industrial, Gltich and IDM. Dubbed Nuffcore
Staring At The Ceiling
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Tunnel Vision
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The Big Bang
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Nuff X is a 21 year old UK Breakbeat/IDM/Glitch producer but to limit it to just that would be selling it short. Mixing various influences that include the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Aphex twin Nuff X has firmly stamped out his own style a eccentric mix of Breaks, Industrial, Glitch and IDM which has been wonderfully dubbed "Nuffcore" on the Soundclick Forums Nuff X is a Proud member of: Muted Silence (http://www.soundclick.com/mutedsilence)
Band/artist history
All Started when I was about 17. Got an old copy of Ejay for 1 and I really enjoyed playing with this music thing, I'd never really been interested in that kinda thing before and it was the Ejay that inspired me to do what I'm doing now. After a year... year and a half I switched over to FL Studio which is what I'm using at present. It gave me much more freedom to experiment and find what my sound was. I've kind settled for more own style now, break/IDM/Glitch kinda mix and moody dark atmospheres, which has been kindly dubbed "Nuffcore" on the forums... makes me slime that does, me own genre lol
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't no. Mainly due to the fact i do all my work on my PC. I can't use turn tables otherwise i might do some sets. alas I can't, so won't.
Your musical influences
The Prodigy are by far my Idols I love their music although I like Aphex Twin/AFX, the chemical brothers, Boards of Canada, Hyper, and Daft Punk also. Not to mention the Infulences of various rock bands such as Nine inch Nails, Linkin Park, and InMe.
What equipment do you use?
My PC, my creativity and Fruity Loops 6
Anything else?
Make music that you like, if you don't like it then why should anyone else? Check out These Great artist I call friends:
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