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Dragon Lance
Dragon Lance
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From the unrelenting fires of Helios comes forth the most powerful band in existance! With songs ranging from peircing death/thrash, to melodic tales of old, to
Dragon Lance is an innovative band that does not limit themselves in the styles of music they play, or conform to the norm in classical or metal catagories. Dragon Lance primarily consists between the skin pounding beats of Ryan Porter and the melodic pluckings of Adam Goodwin. We co-write and self produce our music. Musicians that have played with us in the past, and will continue to be featured include: Dan Sito - Violin and stringed beauty Tylee Chen - Master of the rugged keys We strive to be the best Hollywood metal, death/thrash metal, baroque, melodic cross genre playing group in the cosmos
Band/artist history
In the days of old, a young warrior prince sought to win the fairest maiden in the land, and to do so he had to wander through mystical lands, lush golden vallies, and planes of flaming sands. When he reached the place she was held captive a terrible dragon from the north assailed the prince with his horrible claws. In a verve of desperation the warrior dashed forth and peirced the wyrm's heart with his holy steel. In the wake of the dragons death a druid of old appeared and gave the prince the honorable quest of searching for the Dragon Lance.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have not yet.
Your musical influences
Rhapsody, Extol, Blind Guardian, Rush, Luca Turilli, Patrice Guers, Alex Holzworth, Alex Staropoli, Manuel Staropoli, Fabio Lione, Elfoer, Squids, Squidfest
What equipment do you use?
Laser guns and photon rays
Anything else?
Acid ink spray, it melts your flesh
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