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Cliff Houck
Cliff Houck
Liverpool, PA  USA
November 14, 2002
10,772 plays
Cliff has developed a style which is a melting pot of influences. From ZZ Top to Gary Moore...and a bunch in between. He loves to experiment.One of his favorite expressions is " Ignorance is bliss...it's uninhibited creation." Because he typically performs all tracks on his recordings, he refers to the end result as " Self-inflicted "
Band/artist history
Cliff has played with a variety of local bands in central Pa. over about a twenty year period in the Seventies & Eighties.Today he is recording in his home studio in Liverpool, Pa. He enjoys creating & sharing his music with anyone who shares his passion of getting lost in the licks of a grinding " Les Paul Tone Monster. "
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not for quite some time....Loved it when I did. Nothing better than looking out over a crowd that is totally immersed in what you're playing!
Your musical influences
Cliff Sr.(of course), Gary Moore, Jeff Beck, Toy Caldwell, S.R.Vaughn, Barry Mills, Eric Clapton, & just about every other guitar picker I've ever heard.
What equipment do you use?
1977 Les Paul Custom Delux,1957 Gibson Acoustic/electric, Digitec 2112 processor, Cry Baby Wah, MXR Distortion Plus, ZB double neck steel guitar, Honer 5 String Banjo.
Anything else?
PRESS REVIEWS:..... "Wind Me Up": rockin!!! love the way you don't mess around...get people's toes tappin right out of the chute! Cool! Nice arrangement and good changes throughout! Great marriage of guitars. Nice bass line...it moves when it needs to and it's isn't taking away from the guitar work, i like the feel when you switch gears and the bass line starts walking. Almost reminds me of Lynard Skynard, just need the vocal! Good luck! Reviewed by: Greg Hauge, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota "Stomp Live":.. Raw Live Sound! This track has some serious guitar power...... If you like some raw rocking blues, this track is for you! Extra Credit: Guitars Reviewed by: SOMEGROUND, Boulder, Colorado
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