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one mans band
one mans band
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Electronic Music of all types
Hello from the band! ME! Yep after years of playing covers with guys that never wanted to do original stuff , I decided now that the technology the way it is now , I'll just try it all! I engineer , perform , record , mix and master most all the stuff here. I play keyboards , bass , guitar , mandolins and the radio.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I could play live but would perfer small venues.
Your musical influences
Pink Floyd , Jeff Beck , Steve Winwood , BB King , Jo Ann Castle , The Moody Blues and everybody associated with electronic music
What equipment do you use?
I use a Yamaha ES6 , Alesis Ion and Micron , Korg MS2000R ,Triton LE , Roland XV5050 , JV 1080 and V-Synth , Several E-MUs , Virus Classic , Clavia Nord 2x , Novation Supernova and an A station . A Also in the stable is Dave Smith's Evolver and Poly Evolver .A Waldorf Mircro Q . The Hammond sounds are from an XM-1 with 2 different Leslies. Tons of external effects and a dozen or so guitars , bass ,and mandolins.I record on a Yamaha 4416 and an AW16G through a Focusrite pre and mix and master on a set of Event Studio Pro 8's and a Carver/ Tanoy combination.
Anything else?
Anything else? yeah It would be nice to find a vocalist /drummer. I can't sing a lick!
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