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Nashville, Worldwide
November 16, 2004
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Ay wzup y'all? This page has all of my free MP3s on it, so download at will. To listen to my complete albums, just click the "MP3 Music" link at the right. To purchase either album, go to www.cdbaby.com/all/attila or click the "PURCHASE MUSIC @ STORE" link. And for anyone on MySpace, hit me up at www.myspace.com/attilasthrone As for my bio, here goes... In 2003, progressive rapper/producer Attila generated a tremendous buzz among the Nashville underground with the release of his solo album Konquest. Rap critics were impressed with his complex rhyme schemes & provocative lyrics, while fans were attracted to his high speed delivery and sudden beat changes. Many listeners were won over by his unique form of "world domination rap", which focuses on war, pride, and gaining power at all costs. With "Konquest" showcasing his tremendous potential, many fans were left eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Attila's dramatic epic. Three years have passed and he has finally released his follow up album, Nightfall. This time around, Attila pushes the envelope even further with intricate arrangements, insanely complex rhyme schemes, and even more progressive song topics. The lyrics explore the topics of war, money, and power; focusing on the rise to power and its many downfalls & consequences. Most of the songs are written as stories, with the storytelling effortlessly jumping from reality-based life lessons to tales of angels & other religious entities. Songs like "Destiny" and "Greed" depict a warlord's dreams of power, while "Glory" chronicles his attempted conquest of the Romans. And the gothic epics "Fire at the End of the Tunnel" and "Fall from Grace" have quickly become fan favorites, as their intricate arrangements constantly evolve to match the evolving story lines. Because of its progressive concepts & top-notch production, Nightfall is sure to leave Attila's fans begging for more.
Band/artist history
Hmmm... too much to write. Here's a brief summary: -I started rappin in '97 (high school) -did a lot of shows, mixtapes, compilation albums, and tha such until i graduated from h.s. (2000) -went straight to college for recording engineering & music technology, then graduated and dropped my 1st solo album in 2003 -recorded, mixed, produced or appeared on literally more than 300 tracks & 25 plus projects through 2005 -late 2005, went AWOL & started workin on my 2nd solo album "Nightfall" -summer 2006, released "Nightfall" & am currently working on my next album "Defiance"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Shows?! Yeah, I'm still doin' shows. Watching tha masses get crunk to my tracks gives the ultimate adrenaline rush. But my favorite feeling is seeing that look in people's eyes tha 1st time they hear my slower, sinister (and generally more creative) tracks... you can literally see them being converted into fans (can't wait for tha reaction tha 1st time i perform "Fall From Grace"). But stagnant crowds are a bore... Right now i'm in tha lab trying to figure out a hi-tech setup for my next wave of shows. I want lights, smoke machines, stage props, & a shytload of pyro- so if anybody's got any tips, holla at me
Your musical influences
Man... truthfully, i'm not really influenced by anyone. it's not bein cocky, it's just that i've been doin this for so long that i've pretty much developed my own interests musically. I change directions w/every project i do, so it's kinda hard to nail down any real comparisons. But to be fair, my early influences were Three 6 Mafia on production (the OLD Triple 6, not tha new shyt), Skinny Pimp & Silkk tha Shocker on style (the OLD Silkk), 2Pac on lyrics, and Tool on creativity. Now I listen to everything from Led Zeppelin & Slayer to Sade and Marvin Gaye, and they've got absolutely nothin to do w/my style. Basically, I rap fast, tell stories, speak on dark knowledge & tha such, touch on social issues, and get crunk.
Anything else?
Check out my official website for exclusive pics, interviews, downloads, lyrics, and tha such. www.AttilasThrone.com
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