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Letha Allen
Stockbridge, MI  USA
November 26, 2004
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My name is Letha. Music lover, singer, musician and aspiring songwriter. It’s been my dream to someday become a “real” songwritercan’t stop dreaming can you? Thanks for stopping by.
Band/artist history
First stage appearance at 12 with guitar. Bluegrass/Gospel family band. Country band called Shotgun for 5 years. Variety band called Crossroads for 10 years. Bluegrass/American trio for 5 years. Recorded in Nashville and have had air time with some originals. Played Nashville Sonwriters Fest, receiving the honor of top 5 best in Original Cds submitted. Have had the pleasure of guest hosting a small radio station in my past a few times and even wrote a jingle for the station. Letha Allen & the Benders for 2 years. 2018, had the honor of being chosen for Song Lab, where I performed originals. These are now recorded in the libraries local history archives. Have always been a music lover and always will be.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I am a singer, song writer and musician. I have played guitar since I was 12, and wrote my first song at 12 and appeared on a stage for the first time then. I spent a large majority of my life performing.
Your musical influences
I have what I guess you could call a unique style of music. Have been told there is no in between with my voice. It is either really loved or really hated. Was that a compliment or insult, lol? Was never sure but will never forget the statement. Think it is true. I have played and love many different types of music, and have a great fondness for soul and blues. Raised in bluegrass harmony. My sound is mix of blues, bluegrass and country. Covers are Sheryl Crow, Allison Krauss, Aretha Franklin, Patty Loveless, Bonnie Rait, Melissa Ethridge.
What equipment do you use?
My beloved 1930's Lg1 Gibson and a Breedlove.
Anything else?
Music is a passion I have never lost, and I have a great respect for all the wonderful musicians and singers I meet, and most of all, for every single one who has ever listened to one of my songs and enjoyed it. Thanks to you.
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Great song and lovely soulful vocal great message! :)
good song great emotion in your vocal! thumbs up! :)
Awesome :)
lol... sounds like a plan ;) Enjoyed :)
beautiful song and lovely vocal! :)