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Pledge of Ignorance
Pledge of Ignorance
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Pledge of Ignorance is an alt punk/Alte emo-Indie band From Salt Lake City, they're a Crazy, outgoing, with a new sound thats sure to have you tapping your foo
Pledge of Ignorance is a Alt/Punk band originally from the small town of Blanding. (now living in Salt Lake City) They are a self taught band that loves making and performing their own music. They're all crazy, messed up guys that do what they feel they should. They've been playing for about a two and a half years now, and have made a shit load of progress. They're coming up with stuff as good if not better than people who were taught, and have been playing for years.
Band/artist history
The Band Started about a year ago with Trent Patterson, Dante Johnson, Jon Shumway, and Colby Hawkins, the bands name was Fayzd, but after a bad fall in we lost two band members and the band was left to Dante and Trent. After a small amount of time the band was reborn and built up again to be Pledge Of Ignorance, the band members included Dante, Trent, and new bassist Brian Larsen. From there, P.O.I has dedicated the majority of there time to creating music. Most feel they have come a long way for only learning to play and put music together a couple of years ago. They just want to make some music that people will enjoy and love making it. They are Pledge Of Ignorance.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We Are starting up shows all over the Salt lake city area, so be sure to check one out.
Your musical influences
Blink 182, The Academy Is, A Change Of Pace, Seeing Daylight, Much The Same, Shane, Brand New, Jimmy Eat World, He Is Legend, ANY Local bands, 10 times a day, Nine Inch Nails..and many many more.
What equipment do you use?
Mainly we use Ibanez and ernie balll haha.
Anything else?
We hope you enjoy the Noise we make. Peace out :D