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Progressive, new wave, Electronic, gothic, movie type, on the dark side.
Dosch is a combination of four styles of music that leans toward the dark side. Progressive, new wave, rock and movie type.The music tends to jump-around which makes most listeners uneasy. ie. it does not follow the commercial mode. The first song "Village", I wrote in protest when the village people came out. At the time all of the garage bands in my area where emulating progressive bands, but they had to start playing disco to pay the bills. This gives you an idea how long I've been doing this..
Band/artist history
Maiden: heavy metal Eden: progressive Magic: progressive Hex: progressive Etc Etc: top 40 Valentine Rex: new wave The Lawns: new wave (follow up group to the band "The suburban Lawns") Dosch: all of the above
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hoping to start up again, not many people like to see a one man band, but I've done it before. Had some good times when I played with "the lawns". Enjoyed most when I could draw people in to my world of music.
Your musical influences
I enjoy early Genisis, ElP, Yes, Alice Cooper, Banco, Goblin, King crimson, but my all around favorite is Peter Hammill. Just because I enjoy these doesn't mean I sound like these.
What equipment do you use?
EPS 16 sampler Roland JV1080 EML 101 analog synth Fender Strat Ludwig drums Ibnez sr800 Bass roland JP8080 PODHD300 cubase 7 Roland VR700 Ludwig drums focusrite 18i20 HP laptop
Anything else?
I write what I enjoy. I will only improve on my performance and sound, not on my style.... Special thanks to Tom Corey, who pointed me in the right direction...
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